The Wedding: Wordle 121

The newlyweds were Creole. They brought themselves up to look resplendent and they behaved well. They tried their best to host a wedding banquet. They appealed to their landlord to loan them the use of his grounds The caterer did a good job with the food but the drinks were deplorable. There was no budget for purchasing alcohol. A gigantic drum was the punch bowl with watered down wine, like being prepared as an afterthought. The groundskeeper sympathized with the newlyweds. He disappeared after understanding the situation, but later materialized with a wooden box. It was a crate of Spirytus Rektyfikowany, currently the strongest liquor known to man. Methodically, he emptied the contents of each bottle into the drum of punch. After he drained all the bottles, he scooped up a glass, to propose a toast. The concoction was strong. Everyone who drank from it felt like they were floating and gravitation did not limit them.

Writing prompt – Wordle 121.


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