Anxiety Dreams #11 WRITE

If you had been thinking about your partner or spouse because of worries, and then dreamed about them, you’ve had an anxiety dream.

Attraction to someone from the opposite sex, can make you anxious because you desire to please that person. You desire to look your best, do your best, and create a good impression for the person you’re trying to impress.

Common dream themes – attraction and frozen in fright.

Anxiety dreams #9

Anxiety dreams can be caused by worries, fears and stress during your day. A dream triggered by anxiety can be a re-mix of old memories, or an invention of pieces of imagery which you had seen before as a bystander, or had seen before in fiction or on the screens.

Dreaming of speaking with accent…

If you dream about speaking with a different accent, it can mean you faced extreme stress during your day. You may have felt misunderstood or out of place. This thought and feeling have invaded your subconsciousness and triggered a dream about speaking in a different accent.

Anxiety dreams #8

Dream being confused actor because you don’t fit the role.

If you dream of yourself being an actor in any kind of role, be it on stage, or acting in real life, it is an anxiety dream. You are probably stressed out about a situation of position in which you feel is too much for you to handle. Anxiety dreams can be triggered by mental stress and emotional stress. You dream about being an actor because you are not true to yourself.

Anxiety dreams #7

An angry person violates your personal space and boundary, reducing your space.

This is an unusual dream which features a common, everyday function. One night, I dreamed that a female stranger asked to use the toilet in my home. She was walking on the road when she felt she had to use a toilet so she knocked on my door. She made her request. Standing beside her was a man, who took offence at her request. He shouted at her, “You should not ask to use her toilet!” I felt anxious because the two strangers were verbally disagreeing and maybe fighting, at my doorstep. The dream ended there.

Why did I see this dream? Its probably because I had experienced times when I needed to use a toilet, while outdoors shopping or walking in-between destinations. There are only toilets for public use inside shopping malls, public amenities like market, food court, public transport stations, public usage buildings like library, hospital, clinic, designated walking path along the beach opened to public use and etc. If a person is walking on the road, there is unlikely to be a facility where toilets are available for public use.

Anxiety over situations and places can trigger dreams associated with the theme. I may have caused this dream when an old memory about searching for a public toilet, was activated by some reason. One of the reasons could be using a public toilet during my daytime. A dirty toilet that made a bad impression could also trigger a dream about a toilet.

Being unable to go to toilet in a calm and ordinary manner has a latent meaning in dream analysis. It can mean insecurity and instability in real life. When a basic human function is denied, it can mean there is no stability in life.

Anxiety dreams #6

Anxiety dreams are caused by feelings and thoughts of threat.

Dreams of threat.

If you can sleep well without experiencing dreams, it means you have a peaceful life.

Anxiety Dreams #5

When threat in dream comes true.

Anxiety dreams may happen when the conscious mind has received data during the day, that something bad may happen. If a man has experienced toothache during the day, he knows that his tooth is in a bad condition. This thought continues into his night, and shows up in a dream. Sooner or later, his tooth problem would come to the foreground.