Dream images related to moving house

Here are some dream images which are related to the dream interpretation of moving house. If you dream of

moving house,

moving furniture,


new house,

new home,

new neighbors,

fighting old neighbors,

unfamiliar neighborhood

and related dream imagery,

it means you’re dreaming of the theme of moving.

What is the dream interpretation of the theme of moving? Well, for one, maybe your waking reality was filled with thoughts of moving, looking for a new job in a different location, or you’re unhappy in your present environment.

Dream of stamps

If you dream of stamps, it can mean one of the following:

  1. You love postage stamps.
  2. You collect postage stamps as a hobby and spend time on this hobby.
  3. You need to mail a letter.
  4. You need to buy stamps to mail your envelopes.

Dream of library

If you dream of a library, it means you’re in search of knowledge. Your intuition may have triggered this dream. You may like to reflect on how you would proceed with your quest for knowledge. Can your thirst for knowledge be quenched by visiting the library? If you need to upgrade your professional qualifications, you might need more than the library to assist your quest. You might need to return to school/ college/ university.

Dream of jogging

If you dream of jogging it means your body and brain are telling you to exercise. During your day, you may have thought of running (jogging) to get into shape or stay fit. At night, your brain may replay dream imagery of jogging to remind you to perform this exercise soon.

Dreaming of driving on deserted road

If you were dreaming of driving on deserted road, it means you may face illness. When a person is sick with an illness, they are left alone to recuperate. If the sickness is due to an infectious disease, the patient has to be isolated (or quarantined). This is represented by the deserted road stretch of life’s journey, for the patient.