Print vs Electronic media: Blogging Insights

Tanya, of blog Salted Caramel, has a category in her blog named Blogging Insights. She asks us to write our opinion based on her question:

Have you written (or do you still write) for print media? How do you find that different from blogging or writing for electronic media? Which do you enjoy more, and why?

Blogging Insights Mar 22 2021.

I have written at least once for print media. I wasn’t good at it.

I’ve written fiction and nonfiction books. I wasn’t ready to write.

I like writing for electronic media more because the format is loose. I can include my own art.

Blogging and the internet offer wide audiences without my requirement to spend money marketing my works. I may receive written comments as feedback. However, the unwritten but yet tangible feedback lies also in the volume of web traffic for each post. Search traffic is testament to my success or failure in click bait.

Eavesdropping: The Monday Peeve

This Monday, I’m ranting about eavesdropping. Landed property is very expensive and way beyond the reach of many ordinary folks. I have lived in stacked housing apartment blocks the whole of my adult life. I hear neighbors talking. Likewise, they can also hear voices from my unit. In the ordinary course of events, I don’t care. I couldn’t care less what my neighbors are doing, as long as they don’t interfere with me.

However, since the pandemic of Covid-19, more people are staying home, working from home. They have more time to eavesdrop on conversations, and plot their interference for their own advantage.

What have people become?

Paula Light hosts The Monday Peeve #80, TMP.

Don’t support businesses that cheat people.
Married woman dreams of married man
Married woman instigates married man to commit crime by intimidating and harassing an old woman.
Woman has fantasy of meeting the man of her dreams.
Don’t do this. Covid-19 can be a killer.
Married woman dreams of married man.
She asks her male friend to attract women, to rope them in to become her friends too.
Married woman dreams.
Married woman day dreams of a married man who seems to be financially better off than her.
She was under his spell and believed him.
C and C , see and see, partners in crime.
Change defeat to gracious deferment.
He wants to win his game at any cost, even if the victory is only with words.

Eat blueberries for health

I eat blueberries for health, after reading an article extorting their benefits. I used to dislike blueberries because they were tiny and expensive. Then, a few months ago, supermarkets launched sales on blueberries packed in small boxes. Buy two boxes, get one box free. Sometimes, it was even buy three, get one free.

I started on blueberries because I had to buy fruit to eat anyway. I imagined I felt better; maybe refreshed or recharged, After a few days of munching on blueberries. I continued to eat them until the season was over.

Then I discovered cherries were also good for me. ..

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #177. There are 2 pic prompts. I choose the pic of a hand holding up a blueberry.

Have you realized your dreams

This Sunday’s poser question asks us, “Have you realized your dreams?”

I have not had my dreams fulfilled in the way I anticipated. Yet my partial happiness and peace are present. I struggled to study, to get my degrees. Life did not turn out to be walking along the traditional path. So be it.

For instance, life never told me I could be a self-taught amateur artist.

Anthropomorphism female cat tennis player wears blue and pale orange
Anthropomorphism cat female tennis player wears blue and light orange. Background blue paint on green card.

#KeepItAlive, #SundayPoser March 21 2021

My birthday

When I was a young child, I anticipated my birthday celebrations. Since it was not a family tradition, I slowly extinguished that desire. I never knew which years would be celebrated and which years would be met with silence. It was easier not to anticipate than to be disappointed. Gradually, it became a win if nobody remembered it was my birthday on the actual day.

Privately, I am often happy to be alive to reach another milestone. I celebrate in my mind and private emotions.


As you have gotten older, do you still celebrate your birthday, or has it become just another day to you?

Truthful Tuesday Mar 16 2021 prompt was hosted by Frank the PCGUYIV.