My Past 24 Hours Feb 11 2021

I’m floating the idea of a new series, My Past 24 Hours. This is a combo of journal, personal narrative, comic strip, poetry, inspirations, photos and other creative output.

I have a decision to make between inventing content for My Past 24 Hours, or My Past 36 Hours.

Response? 5.

Journaling in comic strip

Anyone interested to see Journaling in comic strip every day? This could be fun. Something to put a smile on your face. Journaling in words may be boring to read. But journaling in comic strip? It could be a treat for tired eyes.

Response: 5.

My Past 36 Hours

This post aims to gauge feedback for a new series of blog posts in a category called My Past 36 Hours. This theme is a suggestion from writing prompts given by NYT. This category would be a combo of journal, personal narrative, inspirations, picture journal and comic strip. I have floated the idea of Picture Journal before, but the feedback was very low. Now, I’m trying to gauge responses for My Past 36 Hours, instead of pigeon-holing into a specific category .

Response: 4.

Fragile mental health during Covid-19 pandemic (pic #10)

I have heard shoutings from neighbors because people are in fragile mental health during Covid-19 pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs. They are under tremendous stress. They are using up their savings. Some families do not have money to buy groceries to cook food to eat. They’re eating cheap food like rice with sauce, or plain boiled noodles. Today, on October 4, 2020, during the customary meal time for lunch, one neighbor’s kitchen stopped generating noise from crockery and utensils. It could mean they are not cooking today. Maybe they have ready made meal. Maybe there is no raw food to cook.

Why aren’t they going to government agencies to ask for help? How about approaching charities? If I was them, I would be ashamed. I would fear being compelled to obey their instructions because I had taken their material.

Dear God and Authorities,

Do you know what is happening? Do you know people are practically starving? When will relief come?

This illustration was done for another post but it can just as well be used here. The person who shouts violates the other’s personal space. He instills fear and frightens the other, by using his loud voice.

An angry person violates your personal space and boundary, reducing your space.