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Fan mini drama.

Dreaming of heat
One early morning, I was dreaming of the heat. I was hot and perspiring in my dream. I woke up suddenly, and discovered I was indeed, feeling hot. When I was sleeping, my body was still receiving input from stimuli. The raw data was sent to my brain, which processed it to create information. The input, which in this case was heat, triggered a dream about being hot.

Dream interpretation hot weather
Dreams have meanings if we examine them according to personal circumstances. In this case, my dream of feeling hot was caused by external stimulus. On further reflection, I should have adjusted the dial setting on my fan and turned it on to high speed, to make my room cooler.

Hidden, latent meanings of a dream on weather
The dream symbol of weather can mean your feelings. Hot and sunny weather can be a dream symbol on happy and cheerful feelings.

Seeing rain and storms of bad weather in a dream, can mean you will face tough times. Rain is like the sky dropping tears. Stormy weather can mean you’ll face rough and rocky times in real life.

Black clouds, cloudless sky or gloomy outdoors can imply depression and negativity in life.

The weather can be a dream symbol of what the environment is going to present you. If you see sunny weather, your environment of people and society, is going to treat you well. If you see bad weather, violent storms, or grey skies, then you’re likely to face choppy waves of turbulence in your real life.

Polite man: Mindful Doodles #493

Mindful Doodles #493 – Polite man

This man was polite as he waited for me to choose my checkout counter. Actually I was waiting for him to walk decisively towards a counter. I didn’t want to overtake him and get to a counter first because he was hesitant.

Polite man.

Positive vibe: Mindful Doodles #492

Mindful Doodles #492 – Positive vibe

Such a civic minded young man! Long ago, I remember a man pocketing my small hand camera when I accidentally left it on a bench. The man’s girlfriend urged him to return my camera because she saw me searching for it. The man refused. Different strokes of luck happen at different times.

Personify objects: Mindful Doodles #491

Mindful Doodles #491 – Personify objects
When we pretend that non-living objects have personalities, we personify them. Children play with soft toys and pretend they can speak and participate in activities.

Imagination play with soft toy.

Molest Dream, Sexual Assault Dream, Touching Dream

Molest Dream
Have you ever dreamed of being touched inappropriately? Places where molest happen are usually in crowds where the molester hides among the chaos. When confronted, the offender tries to deny, or claim the touch was accidental. The dream imagery of being molested can carry a latent meaning. It can mean that in reality, you are being violated in ways you are yet to be aware. For instance, other forms of molest can be cheating, bullying, slandering and etc.

Sexual Assault Dream
If you had ever experienced a traumatic event, you might dream of this imagery. The sexual assault symbol in a dream may not mean its manifest appearance. It could mean you were violated in intimate ways. For example, your trust could have been exploited. You were stressed and shaken to your core. Violations of confidence and betrayals can be represented by sexual assault in a dream.

If you were violated in childhood, the memory is stored and can be replayed after a trigger activates it. Molest, Sexual Assault and Touching can be represented by “dirty” images in dreams. One classic symbol is dirty laundry. The victim associates a sexual violation with probable staining of clothing. Hence the association of dirty laundry with the act.

Another latent meaning could be expressed by the imagery and association with people’s dirty clothing. Whose dirty laundry is being depicted in the dream? Is it just your own? is there other people’s dirty clothes? Are different people’s clothes mixed together? Whose clothes are mixed with yours? The identity of that person may reveal who has been violating your personal space.

Acts of aggression in early childhood may not be consciously remembered. The trauma and stress may have created a mental block. The victim may be so upset that they turned off all connections to the stressful episode. Dreams, be they replays of memories or mixed up inventions, can carry latent messages which need to be investigated for better clarity.

Another dream interpretation comes from danger in your waking reality. If you had unfriendly/ creepy encounters, the experiences might have set off alarm bells in your head. You dream because your unconscious wants to simulate a threat, to remind you to be careful, take note of the situation, or do something about it.

Touching Dream
A deviant interpretation could be a romantic one. If you desired romance, intimacy and stimulation, you might dream of being touched. Your desires may have triggered a dream about your wish getting fulfilled.

In real life
If a person touches you in a crowded area, do you think it was a mistake or intentional molest? Often, the victim is too shocked to decide how to react. Molest invades and violates personal space. Molest is traumatic.

Crowded accidental touch or molest?

Wonky Selfies: Mindful Doodles #489

Mindful Doodles #489 – Wonky Selfies

Blind contour drawing means to draw without looking at the paper. Hold a mirror in your non-dominant hand. Hold a pencil or pen in your drawing hand. Look at the mirror and draw yourself on paper. Don’t lift up the drawing instrument from the paper. The drawings are wonky but fun and abstract in a way.

Blind contour drawing selfie.
Blind contour drawing.

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Dreaming of eating Auntie Anne Chocolate Eclair pretzel

Dreaming of eating Auntie Anne Chocolate Eclair pretzel

One night, I dreamed I was eating this sticky confectionery treat. It was messy and I was mindful of adding chocolate makeup!

Meaning of dream
Desire and nostalgia for the snack could have triggered this dream. One interpretation of a latent message could be to pay attention to side issues while engaged in a major occupation. For example, the side issue of making a mess while busy doing a main task.

Auntie Anne Chocolate Eclair pretzel.

Not myth on Twitter: Mindful Doodles #485

Mindful Doodles #485 – Not myth on Twitter
I thought it was a myth that agents and publishers would pick up obscure writers and take them into their fold. Then I read tweets that confirmed this.

Agents and publishers on Twitter.

Dreaming of bird cage: Mindful Doodles #484

Meaning of dreaming of a bird cage.

Dreaming of a cage can’t be good. It is a container which imprisons and causes misery. If you dream of a cage, ask yourself if you have thought about that theme during waking hour. You may be facing fixed parameters at work, or at home. You feel constrained by artificial barriers. What can you do to deal with a “cage”? You can try to overcome the confines of the restricted space. You can try to leave to change your environment. You can try to manage the barriers or person who has imposed the barriers (cage).

Dreaming of a bird cage –
The cage can be a physical/ mental/emotional enclosure. If the cage is a physical one, it could be the constraints of a home, office, school or place where you spend time in.

If the cage is mentally existing in your mind, then you need to think about it. Take a piece of paper and draw two columns down the paper. Write down on one column, the difficulties or restrictions you face. Write in the corresponding column, what you can do to handle this difficulty. At the end of this exercise, you must steel yourself to tackle the constraints that have built a bird cage around you. Look at each corresponding solution and slowly start to implement your solutions.

If you have a problem that gives you mental stress like caging you in, and you can’t succeed in your solution, you might try to speak to someone about it. If someone is giving you difficulty and maintaining that cage around you, speak up! A verbal sounding might open the eyes of the problem maker. Something will happen!

If your cage is an emotional one, then you might consider your options. Are your emotions being held ransom by a person? Are you overly dependent on a person for emotional support? If you think you’re not fairly treated, talk to that person. If you have tried your avenues and there were no changes, then it may be time to free yourself.

Dreaming of a bird cage or any cage, may refer to the cage you constructed around yourself. Many times, we often put the blame on other people. We forget to look inwards at our faults and weaknesses. The dream imagery of a cage can mean we have put up walls of restriction because we tell ourselves we can’t do some things. We can try to break free from this artificial cage by re-programming our minds. We should tell ourselves, we can do it. You can brainstorm for alternative solutions. I’m sure you can break through artificial barriers.

If you are hiding yourself, like writing under a pseudonym, you might dream of being inside a cage. You are confined in a space that is set by the perimeter of your fake name.

If you are working in a certain occupation, but feel uncomfortable because your personal ethics or work ethics are being violated, then you might dream of being shut in a bird cage or any kind of cage. Only you know what you should do to resolve your personal dilemma.

Dreaming you are in a cage but not upset about it:
Just as a cage is restricting, it can also protect. Being inside a cage protects one from the dangers outside the cage. The dangers can be from bad people, animals, and situations. A cage can be a good thing in this sense.

Dreaming of a cage with someone else inside it:
If you dream of seeing someone you know inside a bird cage or cage, then it is your opinion of that person. During your daytime interactions with that person, you have seen their constraints and this information has affected you so much that it pops up as a dream image.