Molest Dream, Sexual Assault Dream, Touching Dream

Molest Dream
Have you ever dreamed of being touched inappropriately? Places where molest happen are usually in crowds where the molester hides among the chaos. When confronted, the offender tries to deny, or claim the touch was accidental. The dream imagery of being molested can carry a latent meaning. It can mean that in reality, you are being violated in ways you are yet to be aware. For instance, other forms of molest can be cheating, bullying, slandering and etc.

Sexual Assault Dream
If you had ever experienced a traumatic event, you might dream of this imagery. The sexual assault symbol in a dream may not mean its manifest appearance. It could mean you were violated in intimate ways. For example, your trust could have been exploited. You were stressed and shaken to your core. Violations of confidence and betrayals can be represented by sexual assault in a dream.

If you were violated in childhood, the memory is stored and can be replayed after a trigger activates it. Molest, Sexual Assault and Touching can be represented by “dirty” images in dreams. One classic symbol is dirty laundry. The victim associates a sexual violation with probable staining of clothing. Hence the association of dirty laundry with the act.

Another latent meaning could be expressed by the imagery and association with people’s dirty clothing. Whose dirty laundry is being depicted in the dream? Is it just your own? is there other people’s dirty clothes? Are different people’s clothes mixed together? Whose clothes are mixed with yours? The identity of that person may reveal who has been violating your personal space.

Acts of aggression in early childhood may not be consciously remembered. The trauma and stress may have created a mental block. The victim may be so upset that they turned off all connections to the stressful episode. Dreams, be they replays of memories or mixed up inventions, can carry latent messages which need to be investigated for better clarity.

Another dream interpretation comes from danger in your waking reality. If you had unfriendly/ creepy encounters, the experiences might have set off alarm bells in your head. You dream because your unconscious wants to simulate a threat, to remind you to be careful, take note of the situation, or do something about it.

Touching Dream
A deviant interpretation could be a romantic one. If you desired romance, intimacy and stimulation, you might dream of being touched. Your desires may have triggered a dream about your wish getting fulfilled.

In real life
If a person touches you in a crowded area, do you think it was a mistake or intentional molest? Often, the victim is too shocked to decide how to react. Molest invades and violates personal space. Molest is traumatic.

Crowded accidental touch or molest?

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