Dreaming of 15 cats means

Dreaming of 15 cats means this:

15 cats art for sale, read here.

If you were dreaming of 15 cats, it means –

  1. You’re a cat lover who sees cats every day.
  2. You desire to keep many cats as your pets.
  3. You have people in your social circles who talk a lot like cats purring.

What would you say if the cat lover in you wants to bring these cats home with you?

These cats were hand drawn and collaged onto watercolor A4 size mixed media paper (quite stiff) 11.6 inch by 8.3 inch approximately. USD20 & shipping is already included. Leave a comment here to buy.

Dreaming of four cats means

Dreaming of four cats means you’ll see a group of like minded women or men gathering for a common purpose. If the cats are doing nothing, it means the gathering is a normal, social meeting. If the cats are fighting, it means you’ll see competition in a social group. The number four is significant. It means you’ll see four people in the group or confrontation.

This is what dreaming of four cats looks like.

Original art cat postcard for sale.

Original art postcard for sale. Collage of cats on watercolor background. 5.9 inch by 4 inch. USD $15 includes shipping.

See this Headless Camelman

This pic shamelessly draws upon the more popular original, The Headless Horseman. It is a mythical creature that has origins in folk tales. Curiously, this myth is present in many cultures all over the world.

This art is the Headless Camelman. This card measures Length 5.8 inch by breadth 3.8 inch. Postcard size. Origami on gouache color painted background. Sells for USD $15 & shipping is free.

Headless Camelman, art in the likes of the Headless Horseman.

Dreamy dog art for sale

This is a dreamy dog art for sale. Measurement is 4.7 by 7 inches. I call this dreamy because he is in pastel colors of pink, purple and light blue. He will keep you company. By watching over you, he understands your needs. He will help you to remain calm, and peaceful. This is an original, hand-drawn art. If you wish to bring him home, he’s yours for USD 15. Shipping is inclusive.

If you’re interested to own this exclusive original, leave a comment with your email. Comments with email to buy art are not published. Alternatively, send @artmaterdotcom, a DM on Twitter.

Thank you.

Hand drawn dreamy dog art for sale.

Terrapins art for sale

Terrapins in water color stamp and oil pastel colored limbs, swimming in watercolor. Terrapins original art for sale in A5 paper, USD20, shipping free.

Terrapins hand drawn from real models.

The real models for the art:

Terrapins like the taste of calcium. They nibble at the calcium.

Original art for sale

Original art for sale. Hand painted. USD 15 per piece, includes international shipping. Only one piece of each design. First come, first served. Please comment below to buy.

Some pieces were sold at a local exhibition in Dec. 2020. I submitted 10 miniatures and 9 out of those 10 were sold. I’m so grateful to God. What started as a sacrifice task volunteering time at the psychiatric ward drawing for children, became a real hobby.

50% of proceeds will be donated to a charity.

Tall dog. A5 size. 5.8 inch by 8 inch.

Tall dog in oil pastels, and water color (mixed media).


Cat with print against background created also with print. 5.9 inch by 4 inch postcard.

Handmade post cards for sale, read here.
Handmade post cards for sale.

Hand made original art of 4 terrapins. Measures 8.3 inch by 5.8 inch (A5 size). Medium are water color, & oil pastel.

Terrapins hand drawn from real models.

Original hand drawn dog. 4.8 inch by 7 inch tall. Dog in color pencils, against water color background.

Hand drawn dreamy dog art for sale.

Original art 5.8 inch by 4 inch. Watercolor cat plays with a bit of pink wool.

Cat plays with wool, original art for sale.
Headless Camelman, art in the likes of the Headless Horseman. A5 postcard.
Original art for sale, postcard 5.9 inch by 4 inch. A5 size postcard.
15 cats collage art for sale, read here. A4 size picture.


Female tennis player with a cat face. Fantasy creature inspire by Serena Williams, in acrylic paint. Background done by stamping art. Does not include wood frame that props up display.


Applique cat on card
Applique cat silhouette sewn to cloth, sewn onto card.


Mixed media art. Female anthropomorphism character painted in water color. It is a collage, on background painted in acrylic.

Anthropomorphism female cat tennis player wears blue and pale orange
Anthropomorphism cat female tennis player wears blue and light orange. Background blue paint on green card.


Water color female tennis player collage glued on acrylic painted background.

Anthropomorphism female cat tennis player
Anthropomorphism – tennis player wears blue outfit.
Anthropomorphism cat-human. Water color figure collage on green card paper stamped with blue water color.

My friend is selling abstract art here.

Cat Collection art

Is batik style art ok? Does anybody like cats done in oil pastel (crayons) and watercolor? I love them but I’m biased because I made them. Which creator does not like their own art?

I’ve decided to put my art on bags that can be re-used, and recycled for multiple use. Its because I know everybody uses bags for going out, shopping, and carrying anything. We should use bags that can be re-used multiple times, to reduce reliance on plastic bags. Plastic pollutes our environment and takes around 10 to 1000 years to decompose. We buy groceries weekly, or even daily. Every time we buy something desired, we need a bag to carry it home, or to our next destination. When we use a recyclable bag, that is one less plastic bag to pollute a landfill, or ocean.

If you’re too shy to give tote bags as Christmas presents, you can still give a tote bag as a secondary present – when you use a bag to carry the present to your receiver. Imagine how many plastic bags each person can avoid using, when they use a re-usable bag instead.

The material supplier is Zazzle, who will ship to buyers. You can see the wide selection of materials that can be printed with artistic designs. My store is here. Its spanking new.

Here are my art, which will be on recyclable tote bags.

Cat colored in crayon and water color.


Cat colored in oil pastel crayon. Water color is also applied.


If you like pink and purple, this cat is for you.


Cat in warm colors of crayon. Water color was applied over it and dried off.


I love this cat for its fluffy, thick fur.

Silhouette of a cat. It prowls its neighborhood in search of cat pals.

This cat was done in a different style.

Cat with ginger colored patches.

This beauty has a fierce face because of its natural markings.

Mixed media cat done in crayons and water color.


Cats get into different poses that don’t always show all of their limbs. This cat stretched itself gracefully. One of its legs and tail are hidden by its body.

Cat poses by sitting gracefully, bunched up like a fur ball.


Blue cat sits at corner of colored walls and floor.


Beige brown cat colored in crayons. A light purple water color wash was applied.


I like this cat because its face is so smug that it resembles an owl’s face.

Crayon cat with water color wash applied over it.

I like this green cat with different colored eyes. Sometimes, a cat’s eyes appear to be of different colors, when light shines on them at different angles.

Cool cat colored in cool colors.

This is the same cat, before the procedure of applying watercolor was done. Which cat do you prefer? I like the watercolored cat.

Well fed cat seeks rat as play mate.

I like this well fed cat. The water color batik effect was prominent on the wall (background) and floor (foreground).

This purple cat is a beauty.

I didn’t draw this cat well. My bad.

A cat can be man’s best friend too. Batik cat.

I like the effect of paint on the yellow crayon wall.

Batik cat luminescent yellow on orange background.

This is a young kitten and it looked shy on the day its photo was taken – it was not ready for its close-up.

Mosaic pattern tiles cover this cat.

If you buy this design, you can color in the pattern to customize it to suit your taste.

Mosaic cat with butterfly design. Creative pattern art.

Butterfly print on cat! Just a joke to say that this cat ate so many butterflies that its coat became patterned with them.

Cat using brush strokes. Brush Strokes Cat #3.

A round tipped brush produces different type of brush strokes.

Cat done with minimal brush strokes.
Cat for coloring. Cat Doodles.
Reclining cat with a pattern of colors on its fur coat.