Five ways to enjoy strawberries

This is my list of five ways to enjoy strawberries:

  1. Eat them straight up cold from the chiller.
  2. Freeze them to become little icy popsicles.
  3. Serve with a dash of whipped cream or ice cream.
  4. Slice them thinly and immerse them in cold drinking water to make a refreshing infusion drink.
  5. If you have one cooking pot of strawberries to make jam, wash and clean them of their stems. Slice thinly and grate them. Boil them and add sugar according to taste. If you have gelatin/ jelly making crystals, dissolve and stir several tablespoons in hot water and stir. Add this to the strawberry jam and bring to boil. Cool it and then refrigerate.

Tanya hosts her blog called Salted Caramel. This week’s writing prompt is about your five ways to eat strawberries.

Applique cat: A to Z Challenge April 1 2021 Post #1

A is for applique cat, sewn on cloth, which was then sewn onto card paper. The background is a silhouette of an orchid. Paint droplets were brushed over a clean, plastic comb.

A to Z Challenge April 1 Thursday 2021, category “Other and Miscellaneous”. Tags: A to Z Challenge April 1 2021, AtoZChallenge, #AtoZChallenge.

I chose that category because I was unsure what type of content I could create.

This challenge is linked to Frederique’s sewing theme for her blog posts on A to Z Challenge, at

Applique cat on card
Applique cat silhouette sewn to cloth, sewn onto card.

I’m a beginner and self-taught artist. I welcome suggestions for different art forms (and medium) based on my main subject, which is the domestic cat. Thank you.

Frederique’s Sewing/ Textile challenge for the letter A is Abat-jour, the French word for lampshade.

John has a suggestion for participants. Since we may be visiting other blogs, he says to look for bloggers who posted about apple, and the next day, bear and etc. He says its a scavenger hunt. We’re supposed to gather the specific items mentioned in those blog posts and copy-paste the link in our corresponding respective post. For eg., if a blog post is about apple, copy their link and paste it into my own post on the letter A.

A is for β€” Apple 🍏
B is for β€” Bear 🧸
C is for β€” Cobweb πŸ•Έ
D is for β€” Dragon 🐲
E is for β€” Evil πŸ‘Ώ
F is for β€” Flowers πŸ’
G is for β€” Game 🎲
H is for β€” Hat πŸ‘’
I is for β€” Island 🏝
J is for β€” Jewelry πŸ’
K is for β€” Key πŸ”‘
L is for β€” Leaves πŸ‚
M is for β€” Men πŸ‘¬
N is for β€” Nuts πŸ₯œ
O is for β€” Orange 🍊
P is for β€” Pen πŸ–Š
Q is for β€” Questions ❓
R is for β€” Rainbow 🌈
S is for β€” Scissors βœ‚
T is for β€” Tiger 🐯
U is for β€” Uniform πŸ’‚
V is for β€” Velvet 🧢
W is for β€” Whale 🐳

X is for β€” X-ray 🦴
Y is for β€” Yellow πŸ’›
Z is for β€” Zipper 🀐


A to  Z blog challenge every April
A to Z blog challenge every April

In addition, the creator of the A to Z challenge has an extra challenge – collect letter A blogs that feature Apples. Copy and paste their links below:

Glenda, Charlie & David Cates share a blog about homeschooling. In this A to Z challenge, they have included an apple pie recipe.

Reading habits

Truthful Tuesday by Frank the PCGUYIV asks us these questions about our reading habits

  1. Are there any books that you can read over and over again, and never seem to tire of?
  2. Have any of your favorite authors written any books that you just didn’t care for?
  3. When it comes books, do you prefer reading fiction or non-fiction? The genre is unimportant.

Q1. No.

Q2. I seldom read regularly. I don’t have enough time, or could not manage a regular reading schedule. I don’t have favorite authors.

Q3. I prefer non-fiction. I’m tired of seeing a world through rose-tinted reading glasses.

Snippets of my life

Life is funny, ironic and unpredictable. I spent many years in my paper chase. I still wasn’t good enough. It is also my fault that I couldn’t handle my home front and potential working life seamlessly. My tired organic body has slowed down. Now I’m doing totally unrelated freelancing, but this is so much better. I’ve also seen another small window enticing me to look into that prospect. I’ll never be successful in the conventional way. But I’ll manage.

VJ ‘s weekly challenge – write about snippets of my life.

Friday Fun etching

The host of the blog called “Aroused” has asked us to join in Friday Fun. This week’s challenge is to show your favorite “etching”; a memento.

I’m showing a piece of art completed recently.

Anthropomorphism cat human.
Anthropomorphism cat human tennis player. Background purple acrylic paint stamping with paper petals pasted.

Art on dogs

Are people interested to look at dogs in art forms? This post is a survey to test the response of readers.

Pug dog drawn with ball point pen.
Rottweiler puppies dog doodles.

Steps & stairs of staircase

I live in a land scarce geographic location. Often in my adult life, I have lived in single level apartments. There were no flights of stairs, steps, or staircase inside my apartment Whenever the elevator was being serviced by technicians, I had to climb up the external stairs . I felt strange and unreal climbing up steps of a staircase. I had been so accustomed to the comfort and luxury of elevators, and escalators.

Crimson Creative Challenge CCC #CCC – pic prompt shows a flight of steps.