Nightmares of blackmailer-bully-troll-catfish

This series of cartoons show situations when nightmares come true of the blackmailer-bully-troll-catfish. These happen all the time. VJ, you’re so on the pulse of trends. Thanks for this prompt and the chance to show these cartoons.

These were crudely drawn on MS Paint. My old printer-scanner went into retirement so I drew using only my mouse. These cartoons depict the scammer blackmailer, the bully troll, the catfish, and the secret society mafia-like businessman who operates a business front.

The scammer blackmailer:

Change defeat to gracious deferment.
He wants to win his game at any cost, even if the victory is only with words.

The bully troll:

She was under his spell and believed him.
C and C , see and see, partners in crime.

The catfish:

Married woman dreams of married man.
She asks her male friend to attract women, to rope them in to become her friends too.
Woman has fantasy of meeting the man of her dreams.
Don’t do this. Covid-19 can be a killer.

The troll:

Married woman dreams of married man
Married woman instigates married man to commit crime by intimidating and harassing an old woman.

The mafia-like small time businessman:

Don’t support businesses that cheat people.

VJ’s Weekly Challenge prompt words – scam, con, catfish.

Dream of house walls falling down

If you dream of house walls falling down, it can mean bad news. Your home is your personal refuge and sanctuary. Dream your home’s walls falling down may mean your safety, privacy and well being are going to be compromised.

Nightmare being ugly

My nightmare was of me being ugly. Everybody shunned, rejected, ignored, neglected me. Some threw objects at me for being ugly. The dream interpretation of being ugly means I had no confidence, was anxious, and had social anxiety about being unprepared for my situation in life.

Prompt by Debbie Smyth “ugly” One Word Sunday. Feb 28 2021.