The Interpretation of Dreams

The Interpretation of Dreams by Freud is easy to read and enjoyable. This is one of the best books to read on the interpretation of dreams, as it is written by the Father of Psychology himself, Dr. Sigmund Freud. I’ve also read about two works from Jung but they were controversial without solid evidence to back claims. I found it difficult to swallow everything that Jung spews out on the page.

Freud’s dream interpretations were highly sensual. For those of us who are aware of human sexuality and seen the oddest pairings of couples, couldn’t agree more with Freud.

If you’re studying psychology, you should read this book.


Freud, S. (2000). The Interpretation of Dreams. Basic Books: NY USA.

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The Ghost Beside Me by Lee Hall

The book review of The Ghost Beside Me by Lee Hall is actually in the body of this post here.

The Ghost Beside Me by Lee Hall. An Indie book.

A female ghost helps a young accountant overcome his social anxiety. This is a love story with the paranormal.

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Hunting Evil: The Hunt Begins (book review)

Hunting Evil: The Hunt Begins (book review)

I gave one book review away and I’m writing another because I don’t want to use the same review in two websites.

James Kelly has a bright future ahead of him as an author. He introduces his new series, by informing us of the title; “Hunting Evil: The Hunt Begins”. The main character (M.C.), is Johnny Scott, a former detective turned Private Investigator (P.I.). It is inevitable that every cop makes enemies in the nature of his job. Johnny’s past catches up with him. His old case file comes alive when a dead man’s partner seeks revenge. It is more than an eye for an eye. The killer wants to destroy Johnny’s world and make him suffer slowly, to witness the deaths of his sister, boyfriend, ex-colleague, and same said former colleague’s wife.

What book is without women? This book is teeming with women. They are in the plot because the evil legacy of the original killer, dubbed the Night Stalker, is continued. Women are essential as supporting cast, as well as occupying the center stage. There won’t be spoilers. You will discover how the women fit in, when you read the book.

P.I. Johnny Scott is up to speed with modern gadgetry. Bet he has an app for every need!

This book uses the latest high technology terms of references. Remote viewing, apps, trackers, smart phones, state of art home alarm systems…. If only I was also selling these equipment from Amazon’s affiliate links!

I wrote the book review below and it is posted on Amazon, on the author’s book page of Hunting Evil. This should be known because people may be puzzled to see duplicate content and wonder why I have the review here too.

Hunting Evil: The Hunt Begins

James Kelly has a new series of books in the genre of crime. He opens his first volume with a big bang (pardon the pun). Johnny, a former detective turned P.I., has the classic bait and trick pulled on him. His old case file suddenly came live when a dead killer’s kin seeks revenge. It is an eye for an eye. Johnny’s sister Jenny, near and dear to him, was the sacrificial lamb in the second wave of the Night Stalker killings.

The calling card is in the modus operandi. Killings are done in the style of the old killer, to honor his evil legacy. The charade plays mind games on Johnny. Did a dead man resurrect to become a zombie killer? Or did Johnny kill the wrong guy? Johnny has to hunt the evil, before it hunts him down. It was chilling to see Johnny’s dearest and nearest ones targeted by the creepy villain.

Mr. Kelly drops hints in his narrative. Have fun jotting down the names of suspects who might be the killer or conspirators in this ring of crime. The motives for the second wave of Night Stalker are surprisingly modern. The equipment are high tech and we definitely can learn a trick or two for our home security.

This novel is relevant to our time and what is happening in society. Take care of yourself and your young ones. We never know if there is a Night Stalker copy cat lurking nearby.

The Hunt Begins by James Kelly
Hunting Evil: The Hunt Begins by James Kelly.

In case you’re wondering, the other two books in the box are also written by James Kelly. They are self-help books. The book reviews will be in this blog.

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Books with mental health topics

Here is a list of books with mental health topics. I’ve read these recently in 2020 and liked them. The book titles are linked to webpages which contain their respective book reviews.

The Balance Between Life and Death by Elizabeth Holland. (anxiety)

Lost in Life by Dave Blackwell. (deaf, depression)

The Ghost Beside Me by Lee Hall. (social anxiety)

Who Am I by James Kelly. (bipolar disorder, depression, schizoaffective disorder)

You Make Yourself Unhappy by James Kelly. (lifestyle)

You Cause Your Own Misery by James Kelly. (I’ve yet to finish reading this book and write its review. After which, I’ll paste the link here).

Books as Christmas Gifts 2020 #blogmas2020

This is a blogmas2020 post. I recommend these books as Christmas Gifts for 2020. These are new books published in 2020. They will be unique and chances are very minute that somebody else will be gifting them as Christmas presents. If you gift old publications, the buzz has fizzled and the receiver may not feel that excited.

I’ve read these books. My reviews are at the links. I’ll be adding more books until Christmas is over. When you click on them, you’ll be taken to the webpages with the reviews and Amazon book pages.

Indelicacy by Amina Cain. (Fiction)

The Vintage Bookshop of Memories by Elizabeth Holland. (Fiction)

Kerwall Town. (Horror)

Who Am I by James Kelly. (Non-fiction)

The Balance Between Life and Death by Elizabeth Holland. (Fiction)

Dreaming of van

If you were dreaming of a van, be it inside a van, or driving a van, it can mean several possibilities.

  1. You were dreaming old memories of being inside a van.
  2. You had good memories about vans or a certain brand of van.
  3. You had bad memories related to vans.
  4. You wish to get a van for your own reasons.
  5. Your close relative or friend has a van and you have an association with it.
  6. A van is going to play an important role in your life. Maybe your work involves using a van.
  7. You need a van to transport goods or to sleep in it.

Owning a van is useful when a person is homeless.

Old fashioned but trustworthy van. For coloring.

James Kelly explains “I was fortunate enough to have a van when I moved out of my father’s house and I could sleep in my van for a while until it quit running.”

He tells his story of how mental illness made him homeless in his book “Who Am I“. The review is at the link. Please click on it.

If you’re looking for the book on Amazon, it is there:

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Dreaming of vampires

If you were dreaming of vampires, it means one of the following dream interpretations:

  1. You had been reading or watching too much of vampire stories.
  2. You maybe unwell with a blood related illness like anemia, or immune deficiency illness.
  3. The vampire may be a metaphor referring to a waking life situation like someone metaphorically sucking your blood. This type of metaphysical vampire is one that makes you angry, frustrated, or consumes your energy.

Please read this earlier post with some information – Meaning of dreaming of being a vampire.

I just finished reading a story on vampires. The book is titled Kerwall Town.

This is my book review of Kerwall Town by S. D. Reed.

Kerwall Town was dying until Frances and Victoria, mysterious strangers, came to say they owned . The narrator hints that Victoria could be a vampire because she is fascinated with blood. Then Frances instructs a town resident named Ricky, to do a horrifying act. Don’t read this chapter at night. Its really gruesome. The author described this process in a most gruesome manner that is worthy of making this book a Halloween read.

Every single one of the cast of characters has their own back story. Then the author shows how they meet their end.

The baddies tackle the town’s residents mostly through hypnosis and brainwashing.

The old residents, being salt of the earth, smell out the rats for who they are, and plot their defence.

The vampires were not the only villains. The younger vicar was the horrible Skin Snatcher killer.

It was an interesting journey through the book. All’s well that ends well.

End of Book Review.

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