How are your dreams different?

How are your dreams (goals) different from your parents’ dreams? Can you round ’em up to compare them? My parents’ dreams were to fulfill basic primary needs like having sufficient food, a roof over our heads and saving money for the future.

My dreams were different from my parents’ dreams at the start of my working life. I wanted to achieve more than my basic needs. I was not smart enough to know the difference between idealism and realism. After years of practicality, and being schooled by life, I know the error of my unrealistic dreams.

This week’s OLWG prompts from Sep. 29 2019 onwards are:

  1. round ‘em up
  2. am I smart enough to know the difference?
  3. burying my friends
Dreaming of having basic primary needs like food, shelter, work.

Friendly Fill-Ins #7

This is a blog activity where you can join in by filling in the blanks.

1. I think it would be fun to _________.assemble my own scrapbook journal.
2. I have a hankering for __________. cake
3. _________ is a memory I will never forget. A car accident
4. If I were given the choice to be immortal, I would _________.take it if I was sure I would be able to handle it.

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Two cats chatting.

Dreaming of doing art

Dreaming of doing art.

I dreamed I saw an art student working on her piece of art. She was handing a sheet of cellophane, with a large colored blob of paint. She was going to lay down this piece of plastic, onto her paper, to transfer the blob of paint onto the paper.

What is the meaning of this dream? It informs me the importance of art in my life, as it has entered my dreams.

Dreaming of reading newspapers

Dreaming of all members of the family reading newspapers.

Dreaming of reading newspapers reflects an ordinary activity in real life. The latent meaning may be to inform you to literally read the newspaper. You could be lacking knowledge in current affairs of your local area, or country. If your job or hobby requires you to be aware of current trends in society, you need to read your local newspaper, and the national newspaper.

Reasoning in dream

Does logical reasoning occur in a dream? Even in a dream, we can dream out the reasons to reject an offer of work. Who says we can’t think in a dream? One night, I dreamed my ex-boss asked me to teach in her school.

My ex-boss offered me my old job back.


In my dream, I could remember to consider all the arguments for consideration of this offer.

Reasons for accepting or declining a job offer.

Dreaming of life cycle

One night, this woman dreamed of the life cycle of her plant. It was like a magical plant. It was kept in between the pages of a book. Like a bryophyllum leaf, it grew small buds, with their own roots. These buds grew from the outer edges of each tip of the bryophyllum leaf. When the bud-root plant drops away from the parent leaf-plant, it can grow into a bryophyllum plant. This method of reproduction is vegetative propagation. It grew, bloomed flowers, and dropped petals.

Dreaming of young plant growing, blooming flowers and Fall. Planting, nurturing, maturing, harvesting.

In the dream, reality was spliced with dream imagery. Instead of bud-root plants, flowers grew from the main plant. These flowers matured and dropped away from the main plant.

The manifest meaning of the dream was the life cycle of a small plant with flowers.

What’s the meaning of dreaming of a life cycle? The latent meaning of the dream was to endure the life cycle. The woman’s current thoughts about life triggered this dream about a life cycle.

Dreaming of the last obstacle

If you dream of the last obstacle, does it mean that there are no more obstacles after it?

This post is inspired by Twitter’s @EastBayNaNo, whose daily prompt for September 26 2019 is “the last obstacle”.

In reality, life is a series of obstacles. There are always hurdles to overcome.

One night, I dreamed there was a stranger outside my bedroom window. He was peering in, through the glass. After I woke, I thought about what could have caused this dream. Maybe it was my torn roller blinds. Since they were damaged, I could not use them and my window was bare.

Coincidentally, I received some brochures in the mail. A store was offering 40% discounts on home furnishings like roller blinds. Budget shouldn’t be the last obstacle that is preventing me from buying new roller blinds to replace my torn ones.

40% discount on window blinds, blinded by offer.


Booking appointment to make blinds.


That feeling when you are denied service because manpower is down. Window Blind Woes.


Third day is the day you get a reply.


Finally, after 9 days, an appointment is fixed on the 10th day.


He cancels appointment in the late afternoon. After we had waited the whole day.


Salesman gives obliging reply that he’ll arrange for appointment.


Salesman took flight and didn’t make appointment.


Agitated, angry and giving up on salesman who didn’t keep appointment.


Salesman finally keeps promise to “arrange” appointment for on-site measurement.


Salesman Freddy finally makes an appointment to come for measurement.


Waiting for the salesman to arrive.


After 12 days, we finally meet Freddy the roller blinds salesman.



Salesman didn’t bring samples/ swatches of fabrics.



Buyer has to visit store to make instant electronic payment for order of roller blinds.


Freddy won. This story isn’t over yet. Freddy had his own method of handling customer orders, which belie his 5 years of experience working in a cut throat, treacherous work environment.

Please leave a comment if you would like to see the rest of this story. Thank you.

Dreaming of vapid

If you think your reality during your day is vapid and devoid of stimulation, then your dream during the night, may also reflect this sentiment. You may dream of ordinary events and activities. If you tried to decipher the meaning behind vapid (bland) dreams, you may not come to a conclusion because the ordinary imagery does not hold any special meaning. This happens sometimes as not every dream has a special meaning.

Prompt – vapid.

Dreaming of living defensively

On night, I was talking in my sleep. I mumbled the words, “living defensively” a few times. The impact of talking in my slumber was so great that I woke myself up.

The manifest imagery and speech can not be interpreted literally. Instead, the latent meaning should be found.

One of the latent meanings of this dream would be showing the amount of stress I faced during my day. That was why during my dream, I was defending myself by saying I was living defensively.

Dreaming of objection to guest

Have you ever dreamed of almost having a house guest, only to change your mind at the last minute?

One night, I dreamed that a stranger wanted a room for his board and lodging. In my dream, my family was living in a big house with a spare room. Someone in my family said he was agreeable to let this stranger stay in the spare room.

Dreaming of male family member offering a stranger a room to live in.

Then I had to spring clean the room, the cupboards and shelves, to create space for the guest.

Spring cleaning. Then I remembered I hated the idea of house guests.

I remembered I didn’t like the idea of compromising my privacy. This thought came to me like I was catching myself. Even in my dream, I remembered my true nature, which was to protect my privacy.

I caught myself in the act of almost doing something against my true nature in reality.

Then I woke up.

What’s the intrinsic/ latent meaning of this dream? It means my family member was not in synchronization with me. I had talked about my difficulties of finding time to do my small project work, while handling housework and outside work. I made known I could not cook entertaining, full meals while juggling my responsibilities.

The message in this dream was not about invasion of my privacy. It was about my family member disregarding my wishes.

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