How are your dreams different?

How are your dreams (goals) different from your parents’ dreams? Can you round ’em up to compare them? My parents’ dreams were to fulfill basic primary needs like having sufficient food, a roof over our heads and saving money for the future.

My dreams were different from my parents’ dreams at the start of my working life. I wanted to achieve more than my basic needs. I was not smart enough to know the difference between idealism and realism. After years of practicality, and being schooled by life, I know the error of my unrealistic dreams.

This week’s OLWG prompts from Sep. 29 2019 onwards are:

  1. round ‘em up
  2. am I smart enough to know the difference?
  3. burying my friends
Dreaming of having basic primary needs like food, shelter, work.


  1. We all get schooled by life, don’t we? We learn where to set the bar. We learn about our own mortality. We learn to be satisfied and content. We learn about love and about loss. We learn.
    I like this one. Thanks

  2. A lot of us fall into the trap of getting confused between the two things. Life is the teacher here. As we go through it, we learn how to dream big without any fantasy.

  3. I’m right there with you. Back to basics for me the last few years, and let me tell you, the stress level is half!
    Excellent write!

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