Cat Doodles #12

It came from the deep to attack the cat.

It came from the deep to attach the cat. Mixed media. Print, plastic warbling, ink blot, combined in a collage.

Prompt from:

Alien cat from Area 51 meets Earthling cat: Cat Doodles #10

Alien cat from Area 51 meets Earthling cat. This was drawn using the style of the cats’ faces turned towards the reader. Otherwise, we would be seeing only the side profiles of faces and that’s not very illuminating.


Prompt from Putting My Feet In The – “Greetings from Earth“.

Cat Doodles #9

This cat doodle was made from recycled materials. The brown cat was cut from a recycled paper bag from an eatery. The frying pan was cut from a shopping bag. The stove was made from an old sweet wrapper. the roasted groundnuts/ peanuts were cut from brown colored paper.

I made a mistake by drawing the cat too skinny. Perhaps he will fatten up after regularly snacking on roasted nuts.

Cat making roasted groundnuts/ peanuts.

Prompt from:

Cat Doodles #8

Cat on vibration when it sits on the robot vacuum cleaner, the roomba.

The cat sits on a robotic vacuum cleaner, the roomba. Cat likes the mild vibration from the roomba.

The cat was drawn on recycled, yellow manila envelope paper. The floor was made from a brown paper bag from a fast food restaurant. The entire cat picture collage was pasted on a background made from cardboard recycled from a box of powdered instant soup.

Prompt from:

Cat Doodles #6

Cheery cat. I could have done better with another combination of colors. The walls and floor look like they are of the same color but they’re not. I expected a different effect but my plan was derailed.

Cat in warm colors of crayon. Water color was applied over it and dried off.

Prompt – #FOWC derail.

Cat Doodles #5

This painted cat prowls his neighborhood at night. The cat was drawn, painted and cut out. The background was painted, and then specks of .white paint flecked on it. Then the cat was pasted on the background as a collage.

Prompt from twiglet #149 “The night sleeps“. Response – The night sleeps for the cat to prowl.

Prompt – picture prompt of night sky from MLMM.

Silhouette of a cat. It prowls its neighborhood in search of cat pals.

Cat Doodles #4

This act was done on onion print, and then pasted on green stamped paper. I like my collage cat, if I dare say so myself.

Cat was drawn on paper stamped with onion print. The cat was pasted on paper with green print.

The onion print theme is somewhat distantly related to the picture prompt on leaf vein pattern. I cut an onion, then dabbed paint on the surface, and stamped paper. This created a print of the natural pattern of the onion bulb formation pattern.

I hope my collage cat will live for eternity as an art.

Prompt – eternity from MLMM.