Luck: Magic Mushroom Doodle #3

This is a meme. Its about someone who believes in touching a special object for good luck. There might be no real transfer of energy from the special object to the person who touched it. Psychologically, the person believes he has received good luck by touching the object. He behaves like he has received luck. His confidence gives him the luck.

Touch the mushroom for good luck. Magic mushroom doodle.

From the cradle to the grave: Magic Mushroom Doodles #1

I hope that Mushroom Doodles can take off. I have Mindful Doodles, Cat Doodles, and now, Mushroom Doodles. What are Mushroom Doodles? They are drawings in praise of mushrooms, and how they feature in our lives.

Mushrooms accompany us from the cradle to the grave. The mushroom toy amuses the baby.

The mushroom is useful. from the cradle, to the grave.