Original art for sale

Original art for sale. Hand painted. USD 15 per piece, includes international shipping. Only one piece of each design. First come, first served. Please comment below to buy.

Some pieces were sold at a local exhibition in Dec. 2020. I submitted 10 miniatures and 9 out of those 10 were sold. I’m so grateful to God. What started as a sacrifice task volunteering time at the psychiatric ward drawing for children, became a real hobby.

50% of proceeds will be donated to a charity.

Tall dog. A5 size. 5.8 inch by 8 inch.

Tall dog in oil pastels, and water color (mixed media).


Cat with print against background created also with print. 5.9 inch by 4 inch postcard.

Handmade post cards for sale, read here.
Handmade post cards for sale.

Hand made original art of 4 terrapins. Measures 8.3 inch by 5.8 inch (A5 size). Medium are water color, & oil pastel.

Terrapins hand drawn from real models.

Original hand drawn dog. 4.8 inch by 7 inch tall. Dog in color pencils, against water color background.

Hand drawn dreamy dog art for sale.

Original art 5.8 inch by 4 inch. Watercolor cat plays with a bit of pink wool.

Cat plays with wool, original art for sale.
Headless Camelman, art in the likes of the Headless Horseman. A5 postcard.
Original art for sale, postcard 5.9 inch by 4 inch. A5 size postcard.
15 cats collage art for sale, read here. A4 size picture.


Female tennis player with a cat face. Fantasy creature inspire by Serena Williams, in acrylic paint. Background done by stamping art. Does not include wood frame that props up display.


Applique cat on card
Applique cat silhouette sewn to cloth, sewn onto card.


Mixed media art. Female anthropomorphism character painted in water color. It is a collage, on background painted in acrylic.

Anthropomorphism female cat tennis player wears blue and pale orange
Anthropomorphism cat female tennis player wears blue and light orange. Background blue paint on green card.


Water color female tennis player collage glued on acrylic painted background.

Anthropomorphism female cat tennis player
Anthropomorphism – tennis player wears blue outfit.
Anthropomorphism cat-human. Water color figure collage on green card paper stamped with blue water color.

My friend is selling abstract art here.

Experiment in Telepathy

I tried an experiment in telepathy. My experiment partner was a young woman. I don’t know her personally so this reduces bias from familiarity.

Telepathy sends Mental thought

The subject was across the hallway, in another room. First, I mentally formed a sentence and repeated it continuously. The subject picked up the vibes and was able to accurately say what was communicated.

Telepathy communicates Verbalization

The same experiment was repeated, except that now a sentence was whispered. The position of the subject was far enough to eliminate the possibility of audible hearing. Again, the subject communicated the right sentence.

Visualization in telepathy: telepathic sighting

The subject is in a separate room across a hallway. I hold up an object. The subject said the name of the object. I was surprised. I tried several more times. I held up different objects and each time, the subject was able to name the objects. By now, I am beyond belief. I used to try telepathy experiments before but I had never achieved any accurate results. I turned to meditation to concentrate and focus. I think this made many improvements to my life.

The subject called her friends to come and witness repeats of this experiment. She asked her friends to try to visualize images, listen for audible sounds and use their mind’s eye to see. None of them were able to.

I am skeptical about telepathy so I’m going to say that this works only for the group of people who practice skills in concentration and sending energy vibes outwards.

I think meditation has trained me to focus my concentration. And when I use this focus for Telepathy, I’m better enabled to send out energy vibes.

Dancing anthropomorphism cat: A to Z Challenge April 4 2021

Today is Day 4 of the A to Z Challenge. We feature the letter D in a Dancing Anthropomorphic cat. It jumped and twirled in mid-air.

Cat-human anthropomorphic dancer
Anthropomorphic cat dancer in water colors. It wears a cute skirt made of a tiny cupcake casing. this dancer is cut from card paper, and pasted as a collage onto a background of painted acrylic.

A to Z Challenge April 4 2021, category “Other and Miscellaneous”. Tags: A to Z Challenge April 4 2021, AtoZChallenge, #AtoZChallenge

The additional challenge is a Scavenger Hunt, to find blogs that feature D for Dragon. My blog has an old post about dragonfly. I need more time to find a blogger who has written about a dragon for this April’s A to Z challenge.

Dreaming of dragonflies.

Cloth cats: A to Z Challenge April 3 2021 Post #3

C is for cloth cats cooing.

Cats made from cloth
Two cats looking at each other sitting on grass.

A to Z Challenge April 3 2021, category “Other and Miscellaneous”. Tags: A to Z Challenge April 3 2021, AtoZChallenge, #AtoZChallenge.

Post #0 introduces the set up of A to Z Challenge.

This project uses textiles and is entered into another blogger’s co-running challenge (Frederique) that has her specific theme of sewing & textiles. ‘

John, the original creator of the annual April’s A to Z challenge, has an extra dash of spice for this year’s A To Z blog participants. He asks us to join in a scavenger hunt, to search for bloggers who feature cobwebs in April 3rd’s entry. I have a few drawings of spiders, but not exactly cobwebs. Still, spiders must be a substitute. πŸ™‚

Common dreams – swimming, insect, spider, scorpion.

Here’s the mother of all spiders:

Spider demon Halloween coloring page.

Frederique’s letter C is on Chaussettes, which is French for socks.

B is for Bear: A to Z challenge April 2 2021 Post #2

B is for bear. John Bolton has a scavenger hunt. He asks us to collect blog links that feature Bears in their letter B, for the A to Z challenge in April 2021. I couldn’t find bears in other participants who are in this year’s A to Z Challenge. So I wrote my own post featuring B for Bear. I had drawn a few pictures of bears so I might as well re-use them in this post.

Pooh bear welcomes you to my blog. This is a 3D collage mixed media.

Pooh bear holds a balloon.

If you dream of a bear, it is a symbol of your conscious and unconscious realms seeking to unify and work together in harmony.

Dreaming of being a bear.

The dream symbol of a bear, also means your creative streak is trying to alert you for attention and exposure.

Meaning of dreaming of a bear with its traits.

In addition, the creator of the A to Z challenge has an extra challenge – collect letter B blogs that feature Bears. Copy and paste their links below:

Buttons cat: A to Z Challenge April 2 2021 Post #2

B is for Buttons cat, which is a cute cat outlined by sewn thread on cloth, with buttons for eyes. This cloth is then pasted on card paper.

Cat has button eyes
Cat outline sewn on cloth, then pasted on card paper. Background painted in water color.

Here is another pic with the artwork encased in a photo frame of size 2L. It is approximate 5 inch by 7 inch.

Button eyes cat sewn with outline. Cloth pasted on painted background on card paper. Cat framed in picture frame.

A to Z Challenge April 1 2021, category “Other and Miscellaneous”. Tags: A to Z Challenge April 2 2021, AtoZChallenge, #AtoZChallenge

This post participates in Frederique’s conjoined sewing textile challenge (day by day) for April’s A to Z challenge. She posted about how to recycle buttons in DIY projects at her link.

In addition, the creator of the A to Z challenge has an extra challenge – collect letter B blogs that feature Bears. Copy and paste their links below:

Five ways to enjoy strawberries

This is my list of five ways to enjoy strawberries:

  1. Eat them straight up cold from the chiller.
  2. Freeze them to become little icy popsicles.
  3. Serve with a dash of whipped cream or ice cream.
  4. Slice them thinly and immerse them in cold drinking water to make a refreshing infusion drink.
  5. If you have one cooking pot of strawberries to make jam, wash and clean them of their stems. Slice thinly and grate them. Boil them and add sugar according to taste. If you have gelatin/ jelly making crystals, dissolve and stir several tablespoons in hot water and stir. Add this to the strawberry jam and bring to boil. Cool it and then refrigerate.

Tanya hosts her blog called Salted Caramel. This week’s writing prompt is about your five ways to eat strawberries.

Applique cat: A to Z Challenge April 1 2021 Post #1

A is for applique cat, sewn on cloth, which was then sewn onto card paper. The background is a silhouette of an orchid. Paint droplets were brushed over a clean, plastic comb.

A to Z Challenge April 1 Thursday 2021, category “Other and Miscellaneous”. Tags: A to Z Challenge April 1 2021, AtoZChallenge, #AtoZChallenge.

I chose that category because I was unsure what type of content I could create.

This challenge is linked to Frederique’s sewing theme for her blog posts on A to Z Challenge, at https://quiltingpatch.blogspot.com/

Applique cat on card
Applique cat silhouette sewn to cloth, sewn onto card.

I’m a beginner and self-taught artist. I welcome suggestions for different art forms (and medium) based on my main subject, which is the domestic cat. Thank you.

Frederique’s Sewing/ Textile challenge for the letter A is Abat-jour, the French word for lampshade.

John has a suggestion for participants. Since we may be visiting other blogs, he says to look for bloggers who posted about apple, and the next day, bear and etc. He says its a scavenger hunt. We’re supposed to gather the specific items mentioned in those blog posts and copy-paste the link in our corresponding respective post. For eg., if a blog post is about apple, copy their link and paste it into my own post on the letter A.

A is for β€” Apple 🍏
B is for β€” Bear 🧸
C is for β€” Cobweb πŸ•Έ
D is for β€” Dragon 🐲
E is for β€” Evil πŸ‘Ώ
F is for β€” Flowers πŸ’
G is for β€” Game 🎲
H is for β€” Hat πŸ‘’
I is for β€” Island 🏝
J is for β€” Jewelry πŸ’
K is for β€” Key πŸ”‘
L is for β€” Leaves πŸ‚
M is for β€” Men πŸ‘¬
N is for β€” Nuts πŸ₯œ
O is for β€” Orange 🍊
P is for β€” Pen πŸ–Š
Q is for β€” Questions ❓
R is for β€” Rainbow 🌈
S is for β€” Scissors βœ‚
T is for β€” Tiger 🐯
U is for β€” Uniform πŸ’‚
V is for β€” Velvet 🧢
W is for β€” Whale 🐳

X is for β€” X-ray 🦴
Y is for β€” Yellow πŸ’›
Z is for β€” Zipper 🀐


A to  Z blog challenge every April
A to Z blog challenge every April

In addition, the creator of the A to Z challenge has an extra challenge – collect letter A blogs that feature Apples. Copy and paste their links below:

Glenda, Charlie & David Cates share a blog about homeschooling. In this A to Z challenge, they have included an apple pie recipe.

Reading habits

Truthful Tuesday by Frank the PCGUYIV asks us these questions about our reading habits

  1. Are there any books that you can read over and over again, and never seem to tire of?
  2. Have any of your favorite authors written any books that you just didn’t care for?
  3. When it comes books, do you prefer reading fiction or non-fiction? The genre is unimportant.

Q1. No.

Q2. I seldom read regularly. I don’t have enough time, or could not manage a regular reading schedule. I don’t have favorite authors.

Q3. I prefer non-fiction. I’m tired of seeing a world through rose-tinted reading glasses.