Dreaming of the opera means

If you were dreaming of the opera, it means you like classical music and songs. If you have previous experiences watching an opera, or listening to the audio of an opera, then your dream may mean something that is related to your experiences.

Dreaming of unicycle means

If you were dreaming of unicycle, it means –

  1. You’re a confident cyclist.
  2. You like to be different in life.
  3. You don’t have room to carry extra baggage.
  4. You’re comfortable traveling at your own pace.
  5. You’re not competitive with other people, in terms of power.

Meaning of dreaming of Rollerblading with partner

What’s the meaning of dreaming of rollerblading with your partner? This dream interpretation says you’re in a satisfied relationship with your partner as you travel along the road in life.

Other meanings associated with this dream of rollerblading:

  1. You love rollerblading and who best to do this fun activity with? Your romantic interest of course!
  2. You have good memories of rollerblading.
  3. You are in contact with this theme of rollerblading on a regular basis and this constancy has triggered this dream.
  4. If you have no experience rollerblading, then this dream might be a suggestion to pick up this recreational activity.

Dream of floating in air using balloons

If you dream of floating in air using balloons and flying with them, you might be desiring to fly to a destination on the cheap. If you had money to blow on a plane ticket, you wouldn’t be considering balloons.

David Blaine, the magician and illusionist, is planning to float across the Hudson River, from New Jersey, to New York. He’s going to hold a bunch of balloons inflated with helium, to lift him up. This will be shown live on Blaine’s YouTube channel on August 31, 2020.

Dream of writing letters in long distance relationship

If you miss someone who is currently far away, you might dream of writing letters in a long distance relationship. If you have the address, you can start to write a letter. If you have their social media or email, start to write them a communication. Be cool.

The problem will be when you don’t have any leads as to where to direct your communication. If you don’t know their email addy or social media handles, you can still write and post it in your own account. A mutual friend might read it and help you to make the connection by forwarding your writing.

Dream of flooding at your workplace

If you dream of flooding at your workplace, it means your work or company may be in trouble. You may be flustered and scurrying to handle this large amount of work to tackle the flood water.

However, if you dream of flooding in your home, it can mean you will receive large amounts of input which are beneficial to you. If the flood brings in good things, you benefit. For flooding in a semi-public place like your workplace, even if it brings in good, you are not the direct beneficiary as the workplace does not belong to you. Unless of course, you happen to be the owner of the company.

Dream of weighing yourself on the machine

If you dream of weighing yourself on the machine, it means you might have gained some weight. During your day, you might have noticed yourself gaining some weight and this thought is nagging at you. At night, this anxious thought triggers a dream about your weight. You want to check your weight and looked for a weighing scale (bathroom scale) to measure your weight.

For childbearing women, a dream about weighing oneself can be a reminder to check for weight changes. The reason for increased weight may be related to pregnancy or eating habits.

Dream of strawberry tulle dress means

you are in the mood to pamper yourself and look pretty for that special someone. That strawberry tulle dress is the new look for this summer 2020. Dreaming of wearing the strawberry print tulle dress means you’re seriously dressing up to impress that important person in your life right now. We dream of our secret wishes and this dream reminds you the importance of this date.

Dream of failed abduction means

If you dream of failed abduction of yourself or anyone, it means whatever project you are working on, will see success. In the world of dreams, the opposite is implied for real life situations. So if you see a failure in a dream, you’re likely to see a success in real life. In real life, your intuition has probably told you this and that is why this dream was created.