Why you should record dreams in journal

Why you should record dreams in journal? Because dreams are a continuation of themes that you experienced during your waking life. When you record your dreams, you track your concerns that surface to bring more attention to them. You don’t need an external person or source to do dream interpretation for you. The meaning of dreams is unique to your case. Dream interpretation depends on your experiences, wisdom, knowledge, culture, values, your themes and intuition.

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Dream man laying eggs means

This dream of man laying eggs is more of a metaphor than actual event. This dream was invented along the lines of the proverb, the goose that lays the golden eggs. Briefly, the dream imagery is about a man who has potential to earn good amounts of money.

The dream interpretation can be about a man who has developed and produced valuable projects.

Dream of your boo but wake up sad means

If you dream of your boo but wake up sad, it means your intuition (gut feeling) has sent you a message about your romance. You may have picked up subtle indications of how this relationship is going. Despite your attraction for your boo, this relationship does not seem promising.

You should look into yourself and your waking reality, to understand this dream. What are the factors surrounding this dream? Is this dream the consequence of nostalgia for that person? Or is this dream one of desire, because you didn’t get the heart in the first place?

Dream of contagion means

Dream of contagion is real. This writing prompt is very true.

There are women and men with infectious diseases. As they are sickly, they lose their abilities to work or even function to care for themselves. Running short of money, they hook lovers who might pay for their living expenses and take care of them. Due to the infectious nature of diseases, they become like Black Widowers who kill their mates.

If you dream of contagion, it could be a warning type of dream. The meaning can only be understood by you, because you know your present circumstances, and how the dream speaks to you.

Dreaming of one place changing into another place

If you dream of one place changing into another place, it means your heart belongs to the second place. Dreaming of places morphing into other places can reflect a passage of time. Previously, you were in another place, but now, that place has changed. It may have changed due to physical structures. Sometimes, the place seen in dream imagery is not a physical place, but a mental stage, emotional scene or psychological level. Even if you are unaware of any changes, the dream suggests that you have grown in development. You are the changed “place”.

Dreaming of pink fields

If you were dreaming of pink fields, it probably reflects your mood theme during your waking day before. Pink is a mild, sweet, fun color that appeals to the softer perspective of you. Were you thinking of sweetness before you fell asleep? This dream of pink fields, reminds me of nostalgia for pink cotton candy and the innocence of childhood.

Growing up strictly instilled with values of thrift,

I never bought flowers for myself.

Now all grown up and wilting,

is there any point of buying flowers?

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Dream of winning a scratch card prize

Sometimes, your real desire to win a prize, can trigger a dream of winning a scratch card prize. If the prize is small and offered in large numbers, the chances of actually winning one are numerous. If the prize is big and only one or very few are offered as prizes, the chances of winning are slim.

If you dream of winning a scratch card prize, and you have entered in one, this dream is probably a product of your wishful thinking triggering your desired dream.

Dream celebrity calling you by deadname

The dream of celebrity calling you by deadname means you might face humiliation. This dream interpretation means a warning. In reality, there may be people or places where you are not recognized or accepted. The deferred or wrong identity is being pinned on you.

On another level, this dream may be a reminder to you to reflect on yourself. Who are you? Are you sure you are a certain identity? What else do you need to alter to project your true identity that you want to be identified with?