Dream interpretation luck

Do you feel lucky in a dream? Have you felt lucky in a dream? Maybe you have ever dreamed of escaping a tragedy or disaster. That is when you are dreaming that you are lucky. One night, I dreamed I was talking about a plane crash. I was actually mumbling the words, “Plane crash”. This was so disturbing that I woke up while hearing myself mumbling these words. I realized I had been dreaming and there was no plane crash. This dream did not mean an actual plane crash was going to happen. Instead, it was a prediction of a project I was working on. The project failed, like a plane crash. I probably had received stimuli that told me this project wasn’t going to succeed and this triggered this dream about “plane crash”.

Dream interpretation empty cinema

One night, I dreamed that I was sitting in a cinema, to watch a movie. It was strange sitting in the movie theater, as it was empty. Why did I dream of an empty cinema? What is the dream interpretation of being in an empty cinema? Clearly, something was wrong. Maybe someone had arranged for my movie screening to be a private one and no one else was allowed to buy tickets in the same cinema sitting with me.

Dream interpretation jewelry

One night, I dreamed I was making my own silver jewelry. After I woke up, I realized that my dream was triggered by my waking life activity. I had read in my local paper that a small silversmith company was conducting workshops on making silver jewelry. My dream was triggered by this stimulus. I had considered signing up for the course because I had a desire to learn the craft of jewelry making.

Dream interpretation bat

To dream of the bat in the midst of COVID-19 is not a good dream.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, aka COVID-19, bats have become one of the most hated animals. Bats were fingered as the main culprits in spreading Coronavirus to humans. The virus found in wildlife such as bats, was blamed for humans getting infected with Coronavirus. Some Chinese people bought bats for consumption. Bats cooked in soups were attributed to give medicinal properties to benefit health. Bats contain viruses that are not killed by normal cooking and these were consumed and infected humans.

Dream interpretation face mask

The time of writing is in February, 29, 2020 and the dream is seeing people wearing face masks. The setting is in the thick of a pandemic called COVID-19, aka Novel Coronavirus, that reared its ugly head in December 2019.

In this dream, everyone is wearing their face mask. Small communities of people are rendered faceless. Instead, the blue surgical face mask provides the common face against COVID-19.

Suddenly, a face without a face mask punctuates the sea of sterile masks. This is a nightmare. Why is this person without a mask? Doesn’t she know how dangerous it is to breathe in the Coronavirus? Wait, is this person The One With The Virus? Is that why this person is not wearing a mask? I couldn’t bear the suspense. I approached a masked person in the crowd. “Why is that person not wearing a mask?” I asked, while inclining my head in the direction of the mask-less person. Almost immediately, the offending mask-less person turned towards me. I was shaking with fear. Then I woke up.

If the world’s population stands at 7.7 billion, there should be the same number of face masks, right? Wrong. There are users of face masks who discard them at the end of their days, which means that we need an excess of 7.7 billion face masks every day. Then again, there are thrifty users who re-use their face masks everyday, until their mask disintegrates. Face masks are not mandatory because governments know they cannot guarantee maintaining a steady stockpile of them. They say, “Use face masks only when you’re sick, to avoid spreading germs to other people around you.” In short, protect other people from your germs, and not use face masks as a primary defence to protect yourself against breathing in other people’s germs.

Dream interpretation eating party food

If your diet is lacking in variety and nutrition, your starved body may send this dream of eating food, to you.

In trying to decipher the party setting in the dream, it can mean good food is usually found at a party, which is why that scene was used in your dream.

Dreaming of eating party food does not necessarily mean you would be attending a party with good food at the table. Rather, it means your body desires to eat good food that is normally associated with a party.

Dreaming of Sphinx cat

I love the look of the Sphinx cat. When I was young, I used to read about the pyramids in Egypt, and how one of them was sculptured with the head of a Sphinx. It was this interest that triggered my dream of the Sphinx cat. Honestly, if I had the chance to own a Sphinx cat, I would find it difficult to turn down this offer.

Dream interpretation air purifier

In the midst of the pandemic of COVID-19, I dreamed I was in a show room, checking out an air purifier machine. I wanted to buy the air purifier to kill germs, bacteria and viruses in the main room of my home.

After woke up from this dream, I interpreted it as a reminder of the situation in my waking life. My hometown was battling COVID-19 and people were getting sick from secondary infections in the community. My dream was a reminder of what I should do, to help myself, in the current situation.

Dream interpretation panic buying

Some countries have governments who issued national alerts for COVID-19 quarantines in specified cities. Residents rushed to stores to buy groceries and basic medical supplies, before getting hit by quarantine orders.

I dreamed I was in a supermarket, buying groceries. The shelves of local instant noodles were empty. What was left were foreign noodles from Korea. These had soup flavors that catered to Korean taste buds. I had no choice but to grab these sour soup noodles.

My family did not use tissue boxes as they cost more than toilet rolls. I had to buy sacks of toilet rolls. The aisles that used to stock toilet rolls of various brands were nearly empty. Even the more expensive brands were wiped off the shelves. What was I going to do? This supermarket had run out of toilet rolls. I couldn’t think of any other alternative for toilet rolls. I was so upset that I woke up.

I realized my dream was a recall of my memory of the day when I rushed to the store to buy groceries, toilet roll, hand sanitizer and face masks. There were no stocks of medical supplies. This caused more waves of panic buying as shoppers realized that since face masks and hand sanitisers were sold out, food and other essentials would be depleted too. This dream was a reminder of the experiences I had, under the umbrella of COVID-19.

Dreaming of dinner invitation

One night, I dreamed I received a dinner invitation to a party hosted by the President. The invite was free, on condition I make a donation to a charity. In the email, I was asked to click on a link that would take me to a charity, to make my donation. I was asked for my name, and credit card details. I was so afraid that I would lose money in a scam. Then I woke up.

On the day before this dream, I read in the local newspapers that a fraudulent scam was making its rounds. People were scammed into making donations to win an invitation to a dinner party to mingle with “high” society. I remembered this and knew this triggered my dream.