Dream interpretation panic buying

Some countries have governments who issued national alerts for COVID-19 quarantines in specified cities. Residents rushed to stores to buy groceries and basic medical supplies, before getting hit by quarantine orders.

I dreamed I was in a supermarket, buying groceries. The shelves of local instant noodles were empty. What was left were foreign noodles from Korea. These had soup flavors that catered to Korean taste buds. I had no choice but to grab these sour soup noodles.

My family did not use tissue boxes as they cost more than toilet rolls. I had to buy sacks of toilet rolls. The aisles that used to stock toilet rolls of various brands were nearly empty. Even the more expensive brands were wiped off the shelves. What was I going to do? This supermarket had run out of toilet rolls. I couldn’t think of any other alternative for toilet rolls. I was so upset that I woke up.

I realized my dream was a recall of my memory of the day when I rushed to the store to buy groceries, toilet roll, hand sanitizer and face masks. There were no stocks of medical supplies. This caused more waves of panic buying as shoppers realized that since face masks and hand sanitisers were sold out, food and other essentials would be depleted too. This dream was a reminder of the experiences I had, under the umbrella of COVID-19.

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