Meaning of dream of potato

Meaning of dreaming of potato.

The potato is a stem tuber. It stores food and is an important vegetable. Its simple and humble appearance belies the fact that it is such a useful vegetable that it is a staple item in the diets of many cultures of people. The potato is associated with kindness, since such a humble vegetable can play a huge role in the diet. It is a kind vegetable to serve a big purpose to all animals and Mankind who consume it.

Meaning of dreaming of broccoli

Meaning of dreaming of broccoli.

The broccoli vegetable looks like trees. In dreamscape, trees have meanings of being reproductive and communicative. The dream metaphor of broccoli is related to trees, because they look like trees. The broccoli can’t take on the same meanings as that of trees. Instead, the broccoli means children. Since broccoli is a vegetable, and the latter is closely associated to family ties.

Meaning of cabbage dream

Dreaming of cabbage means …

A head of cabbage is the perfect vegetable to cook for a family. There is plenty to share and you are sure to save some leftovers for the next meal. The cabbage symbolizes partnership and  family. If you see a head of cabbage in a dream, you should show some respect and affection for your partner. Maybe your brain is telling you to be grateful for your partner, because of some stimuli observed during waking hours.

Meaning of dreaming about onion and garlic

Meaning of dreaming about onion and garlic.

Onion and garlic contain healthy antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They provide natural ingredients to keep healthy. If you dream of the onion and/or garlic, it means your body desires to consume them, in waking hours. Perhaps you  have not been paying attention to your diet and nutrition. You should eat balanced meals, drink at least 2 liters of water daily, and get sufficient sleep.

Meaning of dream about turnip

Meaning of dream about turnip.

The turnip is also a root vegetable, like the carrot. However, the turnip symbolizes a different aspect of human dynamics. It means to show gratitude to a stranger or strangers, for their help. If in waking life, you have received assistance from strangers, pay your respects to them, to show your gratitude. The strangers do not expect repayment in exact measure, but they need affirmation that their acts of kindness are appreciated, least they turn insensitive due to apathy. It is difficult to meet altruistic philanthropists so we must treasure them to encourage them.

Meaning of dream of carrot

Meaning of dream of carrot.

A carrot is a root. It is important as it upholds the plant and stores food. How does this relate to your life? You may be called to emulate the qualities of a carrot, by being thrifty, to save up for a rainy day.

The shape of the carrot reminds one of the male sex organ. The dream imagery may carry a meaning that is indicative of sexual connotation.

When you see a carrot in a dream, it symbolizes domestic happiness. The foundation (root) of every person is domestic (family and home) life. If the person has a good foundation to build upon, they will go outside as a balanced and functional being. If a person experiences stress and unrest at home, they lack the root to maintain a balanced and empathetic perspective, which is necessary to behave appropriately outside the home.

Meaning of dream about vegetables

Meaning of dream about vegetables.

Dreaming of vegetables is good. Several good meanings are attached to the dream symbol of vegetables. The greens symbolize friendship and love. In waking life, you probably can do well to forge closer friendships with selected people.