Meaning of dream of carrot

Meaning of dream of carrot.

A carrot is a root. It is important as it upholds the plant and stores food. How does this relate to your life? You may be called to emulate the qualities of a carrot, by being thrifty, to save up for a rainy day.

The shape of the carrot reminds one of the male sex organ. The dream imagery may carry a meaning that is indicative of sexual connotation.

When you see a carrot in a dream, it symbolizes domestic happiness. The foundation (root) of every person is domestic (family and home) life. If the person has a good foundation to build upon, they will go outside as a balanced and functional being. If a person experiences stress and unrest at home, they lack the root to maintain a balanced and empathetic perspective, which is necessary to behave appropriately outside the home.

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