Dreaming of gender masking

Gender masking is like playing charades. A person who has a male appearance, tries to mask his psychological and mental make-up of his composite personality. He peeps into the bedroom of a woman.

The question is, if a person shows interest in a woman, is he a bisexual male? Or is he looking at a woman because he is inwardly feminine and wants to affirm his feminine factor by looking at women?

At first impression, a male who looks at a woman covertly, seems to be a bisexual male. However, if observation can be made on other aspects like his social circle, then a clearer picture emerges.

A female sleeper has a dream of a male peeping Tom staring into her bedroom window. In her waking life, she sees signs that this male has feminine traits or gay behavior. Then she begins to understand the meaning of her dream. The peeping Tom wanted to observe and imitate the behavior of the female sleeper, because he desired to emulate feminine traits.

Meaning of dreaming of luggage bags

What is the meaning when you were dreaming of luggage bags? The first logical interpretation is that your brain thinks you might be going traveling.

Besides being used for traveling, luggage bags are also used to pack excess stuff for storage at home. These luggage can also be used to transport clothes and home belongings when you have to move possessions from one location to another destination.

Luggage bags can be used to send things via mail or courier.

Which meaning applies to you? Only you alone can discern. Your personal circumstances have certain themes and you will be able to identify which interpretation best suits your current situation.

Meaning of dreaming of packing suitcase/ luggage.

Dreaming of your job

What does it mean to be dreaming of your job? It usually means you were dreaming of the theme that you spent most of your waking hours on. Whatever theme you experienced during your day, is likely to be repeated in your dream.

There are exceptions when dreaming of your job has different meanings.

  1. You are working on an important assignment in your job.
  2. You know your boss wants to speak to you but you have no clue what’s going on.
  3. You have done well in your job and expect a reward or promotion.
  4. You had performed poorly and expect a negative action.
Be mindful that you do your job properly.

Dreaming of paradise

Some people have said they had dreamed of paradise. They described it as a wonderful place, pleasing to all senses. Their dream of paradise is of a place that can not be found on earth. Some even said they regretted having to wake up from their dream, and see they are still on earth.

What is the meaning of dreaming of paradise? The brain tries to tell the dreamer there is a beautiful place, a kind of utopia. The dream reinforces the belief of paradise.

Dreaming of paradise, or in another term, heaven, can mean you are satisfied with your present position in life. When you’re happy in your waking reality, this theme continues in your sleep and dream world. This is invoked in dream imagery of paradise, a dimension where souls are happy. Conversely, if you were unhappy in your state in reality, then you’re unlikely to dream of paradise, because it is traditionally associated with being a happy place.

Generally, young people do not ponder much on death and the after life. Since this is not an enduring theme in their thoughts during their day, this theme will not surface in their dreams.

If you had been remembering some people who died, your nostalgia for them may incite strong mental thoughts and emotions. These can trigger dreams with old memories being replayed in your mind. You might see imagery of the deceased in paradise (heaven). If you had been wondering about the deceased and where they had went after death, such dreams may    get created, to answer your deep curiosity.  

Prompt – paradise.

Be mindful of beautiful space.