Dreaming of gender masking

Gender masking is like playing charades. A person who has a male appearance, tries to mask his psychological and mental make-up of his composite personality. He peeps into the bedroom of a woman.

The question is, if a person shows interest in a woman, is he a bisexual male? Or is he looking at a woman because he is inwardly feminine and wants to affirm his feminine factor by looking at women?

At first impression, a male who looks at a woman covertly, seems to be a bisexual male. However, if observation can be made on other aspects like his social circle, then a clearer picture emerges.

A female sleeper has a dream of a male peeping Tom staring into her bedroom window. In her waking life, she sees signs that this male has feminine traits or gay behavior. Then she begins to understand the meaning of her dream. The peeping Tom wanted to observe and imitate the behavior of the female sleeper, because he desired to emulate feminine traits.