Say NO to suicide

Suicide is a cry for help. Except when by a miscalculation, it went too far beyond recall. If you have been sad for more than two weeks, then you may have depression. This is a mental illness which can be treated. You need to seek professional counseling with a qualified psychologist/ psychiatrist/ therapist. Concerns of the world come and go. You stay.

If someone has been bullying you, speak up to confront them. Tell everyone around you about your abuser. The bully wants to make you ashamed to silence you so that they can continue their sick mind games. They have no right to kill your spirit and your body. Tormentors are the ones who must be ashamed for their anti-social criminal behaviors. Abusers violate boundaries protecting others’ personal space because they have at least one mental disorder that interferes with socially and legally acceptable behaviors. Report them to authorities. Do not live under the thumb of a pathological abuser.

Please contact your local area police, your lawyer or free legal aid, S.O.S., women’s shelter, women’s charities, hospital for mental health, church clergy and administration staff, politician, and anybody who has power to help you.

MLMM writing prompt.

Dreaming of seeing a bully and being bullied:
If you have faced bullying in waking life, its likely you dream about being bullied. Dreams continue the same themes as in waking life. You may see in your dream, the face of the person who bullied you in reality.

A bully is usually a weak person, who uses force and power, to manipulate other people. Their lack of empathy may indicate a mental health problem like anti-social disorder or conduct disorder.

As psychology tells, victims of bullying often become bullies themselves. A new generation of victims and bullies are created.

Dreaming of abuse can mean self-criticism.

Life continues dream

Flash Fiction –
He dreamed that his university has a secret society of fanged students with sharp puncturing canines. They walk and hunt in solitude to avoid detection. They are excited by tonight’s Supermoon, whose gravitational pull coagulated their blood in pools. Now they are walking in search of pharmacists for blood thinner. One of them broke into a drug manufacturer, and stole a barrel of Panadol. He is downing them by the gallon. Now that his blood is thin, he must guard against any accidental wounds. A dog follows him the shadows. It corners him in a dark alley. It bares its fangs and takes its first chomp. The student fights the dog and manages to send it fleeing into the darkness. He is bleeding and weak. He lies down in the alley, closes his eyes to conserve energy and meditates. He wills his blood at the wound to coagulate to clot the wound. He falls asleep and dreams of blood. He is awakened by sunlight. He opens his eyes to look at his wound. He smiles at the crust. His dream was real and now he will continue where his dream left off.  He stretches his limbs to prepare to stand up. He knows he will live for another day.

The end.

This flash fiction mentions blood. For a related post on the meaning of blood in dreams, click here.

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Hope this drawing can fit the bill of a student vampire.

Modern vampire.

Dreaming of work colleagues

Dreaming of colleagues from work.

Living in a rat race, we become so stressed at work that we carry our work home and it sleeps with us. At night, we dream of our colleagues. If you’re sitting in an open office, there are no cubicles for privacy. You constantly feel like someone is watching you, or peering over your back.  You dream of your work place because you have an anxiety issue. If you are doing well at work, don’t just dismiss this dream symbol. Try to discover the mole, aka the colleague who maybe back stabbing you.

Have you ever dreamed of your colleagues? Its not so strange as we spent around one third of our functional adult life at work or doing some form of chores.

Dream interpretation of dentist

Dreaming of dentist.

The dentist as a dream symbol carries a few meanings.

1) If in waking life your teeth are in a bad condition, this dream continues the theme of telling you to visit the dentist for repair and maintenance work.

2) In physiology, the number of teeth (counting also the number which are extracted or fallen) tells the age of a human and animal. An older human would have fewer teeth with loss due to decay. In your dream, if you see injured teeth, or few teeth in a mouth, it means the human (or animal) has a short life span.

Don’t worry excessively if you dream of teeth. Sometimes, the dream relates to another person and not yourself.

Meaning of dreaming of teeth.

What’s the meaning of dreaming of falling teeth, or loose teeth? It usually means you are anxious/ worried/ stressed. You are nervous and that triggered the dream of damaged teeth.

Meaning of dreaming about breaking teeth.

Many people are anxious over their teeth, since adult teeth only grow once in a life time. If you dream of a tooth or teeth breaking, then it means you have been anxious in your waking life.


Dreaming of late night meal with you

Late Night Meal with You
Late night meal with you, before you went away. I never had another late night meal again. You suffered from a poor memory. You lost track of time. You never contacted me again.

I sometimes dream of you. My dream was always about the late night meal with you. It was triggered by nostalgia. Thoughts of you during the day triggered this dream in my sleep. I was always eating my late night meal with you. In fact, I ate so much that I never felt hungry during my day. I never had to eat much during my day. My scanty meals were supplemented by my late night meal with you … in my dream. I felt trim and light. I must be growing healthier by the day and night, with my new eating habit.

One day, I didn’t have to eat nor dream of having my late night meal with you.

Dreaming of people in cafe.

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Dream of climbing

Short story/ Flash Fiction on “Climbing”.
“Just one more step”, he told himself. “I don’t need to tether myself to the foothold. I can make it. This climb is as light as air.” He heard a whooshing sound as the wind rushed past him. The ground came to meet him.

Background of story.
The psychologist Carl Jung used to narrate the story of his good friend, who loved to go mountain climbing. This man talked to Jung about his dream. He said he had a dream where he was climbing up a mountain higher and higher, until he felt like he was stepping into thin air. Jung was afraid for his friend as he was familiar with dream analysis. He understood the dream symbol and its meaning. Jung begged his friend not to go climbing again. The fellow guffawed at Jung’s cautiousness. He loved the exhilarating feeling of climbing. Wild horses couldn’t drag him away from his favorite pursuit. While he had respect for Jung, he couldn’t stay away from his love. One day, Jung received the bad news that his friend had been climbing, when he stepped out into thin air. At high altitude, the man probably succumbed to low air pressure and reduced amount of oxygen in the air. He could have gotten confused and disorientated when he stepped out into air and fell to his death.

Dream of climbing
In other words, to dream of climbing means you have lofty ambitions. You desire to reach a higher rung of the social and economic ladder. You want to farther yourself.

Jan. 26 2017 dream:
I dreamed someone had forced me to climb up a mountain. It was steep and dangerous to run or walk quickly up the face of this mountain. Running was very risky as the terrain was rocky and steep. The other side of the mountain was even worse, as it had a cliff.

Climbing up the mountain according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory.

Dream interpretation of monsters

Morose elder was fishing when he disturbed a Yeti and has to fight him.

It’s not a good sign to dream of seeing monsters. If it happens once in a very blue moon, I would chalk it up to old memories from watching TV and movies. If the dreamer sees monsters and other violent dream content in recurring dreams, then other dream analysis has to be tested out. For seeing unreal creatures and violence may signify that the body is unwell. When internal organs are sick, they send signals to the brain, which then tries to assemble images that represent the ill nature of the communication it received from the organs.

Of course, a drug user (or legitimate prescription drug patient) is liable to see monsters and colorful dreams, due to the reaction and interference from drugs. These dreams should be discounted as they are meaningless; being caused by drugs. If someone tells you they have been seeing recurrent nightmares, violence or fighting in dreams, then they probably have internal physiological stress, and/ or a mental disorder.  They need to seek professional help from a qualified therapist.

Meaning of poop in dream

Dream symbol of bird pooping on your clothes.

Poop is an ugly thing to see and messy to clean. However in the world of dreams, poop has different meanings. It heralds good luck for you. In some cultures, when a baby poops on your bed, it means you’re going to be lucky and  strike the lottery if you have been buying tickets.

When a bird poops on you or your clothes, it means good luck will come to you. You are expected to win money at the cards table, or some other form of easy money.

Dreaming of poo
September 8 2016 – I dreamed that I used a toilet in a public restroom. It was clogged with filth.

Dream analysis – In dream world, the disgusting may have an alternate meaning that is entirely opposite to its image. So a disgusting object in dream symbolism could mean good luck for your waking life.

Dream interpretation depends on your personal experiences associated with the dream symbol. Every person has their own culture, associations and experiences related to each symbol. The dreamer should use their own specific experiences to understand what the dream means to them.

Dream interpretation of tired self

Dream interpretation of a tired self.

If your dream shows you that you’re tired, it is likely a continuation of your waking hour self. If you are exhausted, mentally drained or emotionally unfeeling, then it is time for you to take care of yourself. You can’t take care of other people or tasks until you are well enough to function. Eat proper meals. Drink fresh water. Sleep early every night. Take short breaks by walking around indoors or outdoors. Take joy in nature. You’ll find that you won’t get another dream about yourself looking very tired. A dream repeats as a recurrent dream when the issue is present. When you’ve dealt with the prevalent issue, then you dismiss the problem.

Dream interpretation of moon symbol

Dreaming of moon.

The dream interpretation of moon symbol is that romance is in the air for you. Some humans are affected by the pull of the moon. At certain times of the year, the moon, which is a satellite of earth, is closer to our planet and there is a small increase in the gravitational pull of the moon. Humans, with their own magnetic force field, are attracted to this satellite. Blood circulation is also affected. Passion runs higher than in other months when the moon is farther away from earth. Have you experienced such feelings? Do you wonder why you feel more sensitive or attracted to your preferred gender on certain days? Keep a record of your feelings in your diary. Go online to check on the position of the moon in your location. Check on the high and low tides. Look against your log of records. Do your romantic vibes coincide with the days and times of high tides?

One of the common associations linked to dreaming of the moon is that your inner consciousness wants to speak out. You have some psychic ability and your brain wants to draw attention to that so that you can consciously develop your talent in that area. Go online to read scientific articles on developing intuition. Go to the library to borrow books on developing psychic abilities.

Have you ever dreamed of a very big moon which seems to take up much of the sky? Did you ever see a big moon that is so large that it almost covers the landscape that your eyes can take in? This is the supermoon, when it is closest to earth at a certain time of the year.

Another dream interpretation of seeing a supermoon is that your brain is  preparing to do a big project that is ambitious. The moon, with its beauty and mystery, is the symbol for aiming for success in big deals.