Meaning of dream hearing an echo

Meaning of dreaming of hearing an echo.

If you dream of hearing an echo, it means your past has returned. You might be affected by some event in your past. Be prepared to handle this. Sometimes, this management is only an internal one, based on how you want to process the haunting. You may decide to confront the ghost of the past, or forgive yourself for making the mistake, and move on. On confrontation, you may decide to make amends or break away from the past.

Have you dreamed of the past returning? Did you think it was unfair for an old issue to keep popping to emotionally wreck your life? How do you handle such situations?

Someone in my family experienced the echo in a dream. The dreamer was with another person in an elevator. The other party’s voice resonated with echoes. The dreamer asked, “Where are you staying now?” The voice said, “I’m living in another house”. The elevator was dimly lit. There wasn’t much else to decipher as the dreamer could not remember any other details.

If we use the interpretation of an echo being a resonance from the past, then the dreamer could have been speaking to the former self. Naturally, the older version would be staying in a different house, as in a house of the past. The background in the dream would be dark because it was not important to relay the environment. The message was about the past. The dream was about either the past coming to haunt the present, or telling the dreamer to release the past.

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