Dream interpretation of moon symbol

Dreaming of moon.

The dream interpretation of moon symbol is that romance is in the air for you. Some humans are affected by the pull of the moon. At certain times of the year, the moon, which is a satellite of earth, is closer to our planet and there is a small increase in the gravitational pull of the moon. Humans, with their own magnetic force field, are attracted to this satellite. Blood circulation is also affected. Passion runs higher than in other months when the moon is farther away from earth. Have you experienced such feelings? Do you wonder why you feel more sensitive or attracted to your preferred gender on certain days? Keep a record of your feelings in your diary. Go online to check on the position of the moon in your location. Check on the high and low tides. Look against your log of records. Do your romantic vibes coincide with the days and times of high tides?

One of the common associations linked to dreaming of the moon is that your inner consciousness wants to speak out. You have some psychic ability and your brain wants to draw attention to that so that you can consciously develop your talent in that area. Go online to read scientific articles on developing intuition. Go to the library to borrow books on developing psychic abilities.

Have you ever dreamed of a very big moon which seems to take up much of the sky? Did you ever see a big moon that is so large that it almost covers the landscape that your eyes can take in? This is the supermoon, when it is closest to earth at a certain time of the year.

Another dream interpretation of seeing a supermoon is that your brain is  preparing to do a big project that is ambitious. The moon, with its beauty and mystery, is the symbol for aiming for success in big deals.

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