Duck-sized horses and horse-sized duck

Have you seen tiny duck-sized horses? Or seen a giant, horse-sized duck? This would be fun as a visual. Ducks live in fear of being bred just for the slaughterhouse. A horse-sized duck would own a fighting chance of resisting easy capture for the chopping board.


Drawings to illustrate Thatch The Moon (#ThatchTheMoon). I would love to participate in this drawing challenge but for the fact that time is limited and I already owe myself at least one serious work. However, I was inspired by an idea, so I decided to draw it.

This story reminds me of The Three Little Pigs. The little pig whose house had a thatched roof of straw and thatched walls of straw, couldn’t hold up his fort when the Big Bad Wolf blew his house down.

This Little Pig should have hired

Bill Hatcher,

Master Thatcher.

To build a strong and sturdy house that wouldn’t get blown down by Mr. Wolf.

Drawing coming soon –

Bill Hatcher, Master Thatcher, & Little Pig

Sorry, I didn’t have time to color this.

This is what Teddy Bears do at night!

#WeekendChallenge asks us to draw #Teddysnightout for



I’m sorry for this boring drawing. Its Covid-19 social distancing for bears not residing in the same house. So my bears have to #stayhome. This is what Teddy Bears do at night! They’re waiting their turn to use the internet.

#Teddysnightout waiting to use the internet.

Luck: Magic Mushroom Doodle #3

This is a meme. Its about someone who believes in touching a special object for good luck. There might be no real transfer of energy from the special object to the person who touched it. Psychologically, the person believes he has received good luck by touching the object. He behaves like he has received luck. His confidence gives him the luck.

Touch the mushroom for good luck. Magic mushroom doodle.

Shrinking families & shrinking men

In some developing and developed countries, their populations are declining. This is what I see in my home, neighborhood and state.

  1. Men and women are delaying having babies.
  2. Women have babies but men don’t want to help raise them.
  3. Men desire babies but women aren’t ready to complicate their lives with kids.
  4. After a married couple has a child, then the mother has to work because they need money, or the marriage has broken up. The mother struggles to make ends meet. She hasn’t time or frame of mind to search for a new boyfriend helper.What if this new guy abandons her with a child too? Its now logistically and economically unfeasible to produce a second child.
  5. Grandparents are ageing and can’t help look after a grandchild.
  6. Grandparents came from broken marriages and certainly can’t cope with grandchild.
  7. Parents can’t afford to own a home for raising kids. They share accommodation with their parents, leading to stress and privacy issues.
  8. Parents who co-habit with their parents, can get the boot if they are not working to contribute money towards household expenses.
  9. Parents desire quality of life. They would rather spend money on a branded handbag than bearing a new baby.
  10. Parents desire branded everyday items of consumption and use because they don’t want to be humiliated in the public show of ego, among relatives and acquaintances.
  11. Women don’t want to spoil their figures by childbearing.

Just a doodle to accompany this post.

Artist impression of Gekyume’s baby feet.

Updates: Art, Challenges, etc

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#EveryDayInJuly2019 drawing challenge.

Read A Book Challenge.

Exercise Everyday 30 Day Challenge.

This list of updates will be added periodically. Another one that is coming soon will be on my dreams. Check back on this link to see what’s newly added into this blog –  Updates: Art, Challenges, etc.

Read A Book Challenge

Be mindful of the wonders of reading as a stimulus.

I met this young teen in a library. She was so relaxed while reading her book.

Read A Book Challenge was inspired by several people. One was a kind lady, @MonzerAmal who started her book club #WindfallBookClub (on Twitter) to help market books of Indie authors. If you’re an author, buy one of the books in #WindfallBookClub’s recommended list and the owner of the club will buy your book in return. It functions like a one-for-one book swap. You buy an author’s book and your book gets purchased in return.

If it were not for this book club and my own research reading, I would not be reading books. Initially I wanted to call this “Read A Book 30 Day Challenge” but changed my mind after I realized I would be reading a book daily, or almost every day, and this would be longer than a 30 day challenge. So I’m naming this “Read A Book Challenge”.

In today’s busy world, it takes allocation of time to permit reading of a book every day. I read my newspapers every day and this eats up time. Then I have to find time to read a book. I won’t complete the entire book in one sitting but at least, I have read a part of a book… every day.

Some of the books I read were not from #WindfallBookClub list.

Read A Book Challenge

June 27 2019 – Read this book “The Thorn of Lion City: A Memoir” by Lucy Lum.

June 30 2019 – Some Chinese Ghosts by Lafcadio Hearn.

July 3 2019 – “To My Beloved Heart” by James Marchiori.

Note – These books are available on Amazon.