Ten Things of Thankful July 6 2024

Mimi hosts Ten Things of Thankful. We write about our blessings from the past few days. Here’s my participating post:

  1. I’m grateful for my family, who is helping me with some housework.
  2. My friend gives me samples of toilettries from her job.
  3. I enjoy buying discounted vegetables and fruit from my local supermarket.
  4. My local area authorities issued vouchers to defray the cost of living.
  5. I decided to participate regularly in blog prompts and Blog Hops. I appreciate bloggers who welcomed me.
  6. I’m thankful for the idea to float a suggestion to a company.
  7. I maybe seeing light to resolve a seepage problem.
  8. By chance, I happened to pass by a stationery store which offered 15% discount to celebrate its opening. I bought a couple of supplies.
  9. I read a brochure on classes and am storing this idea for later use.
  10. I’m grateful for having time to attend to meetings to extend my network of resources, in case I need to use these contacts.

Prompt: Messy Mimi’s meanderings Ten Things of Thankful latest post. (Saturday, July 6 2024)

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