How reading stimulated dreaming of the feminine moon

This post relates how reading stimulated dreaming of the feminine moon. Sometime in January 2024, I was reading about Native Americans’ dreams. I was engrossed in the book for several weeks. Then one night, out of the blue, I dreamed I was inside a house. I faced a large window, which offered the view of the outside. It was night and the surrounding was pitch black. I saw a large ball in the sky. Then I woke up.

After some reflection, I deduced that the ball was the full moon, also known as the feminine moon. This moon is a symbol to represent femininity, feminine values and the epitome of womanhood; motherhood.

How did I come to dream of the full moon? What activities was I engaged in before bedtime? I was reading. I had been reading and trying to get to the end of a book on Native Americans and how they interpret dreams to help make decisions in life.

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