A Drawing A Day challenge #SBSadrawingaday

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This is the calendar of items to draw in May 2019
May 1 – Last
2 – Gap
3 – Container
4 – Artisan (I’ll try later)
5 – Visitor
6 – Receipt
7 – Cycle
8 – Routine
9 – Dish
10 – String
11 – Ribbon (Try later)
12 – Twine (Try later)
13 – Snout
14 – Hoof
15 – Claw
16 – Tattered
17 – Smoke
18 – Sea Foam
19 – Cup
20 – Jaws
21 – Hills
22 – Child
23 – Crane
24 – Neck
25 – Wind
26 – Wisp
27 – Weathered
28 – Captain
29 – Lost
30 – Found
31 – Tunnel

#SBSadrawingaday May 1 prompt “Last”. The last guy in the queue has to wait longer then the rest.

Be mindful of necessity to queue.

#SBSadrawingaday May 2 prompt “Gap”. The gap exposed his belly button.

Be mindful and read body language.

#SBSadrawingaday May 2 2019 prompt “Container”. I use this container the first thing every morning.

Dreaming of a coffee pot.

#SBSadrawingaday May 5 2019 prompt “Visitor”.

When you are the visitor, it means…

#SBSadrawingaday May 6 2019 prompt “Receipt”.

Even during sleep, our senses continue to receive stimulations.

#SBSadrawingaday May 7 2019 prompt “Cycle”.

Food Panda bicycle rider delivering food.

#SBSadrawingaday May 8 2019 prompt “Routine”.

Customer asks temporary cook, “Where is your regular cook?”

#SBSadrawingaday May 9 2019 prompt “Dish”. Comic panels about a customer waiting for his dish of food.

He can’t sit and wait for the cook to prepare his food.

#SBSadrawingaday May 10 2019 prompt “String”, as in a string of pearls.

Dreaming of pearls.

#SBSadrawingaday May 13 2019 prompt “Snout”. Cute pig snouts.

Happy Chinese New Year 2019, the Year of the Pig.

#SBSadrawingaday May 14 2019 prompt “Hoof”. No doubt the horse has four hooves.

Ask the horse, “Do you know Augy?”

PS. I had tried to draw for this #SBSadrawingaday challenge before but I couldn’t draw all of the items in the list so I gave up. Hopefully, I can interpret the prompts better now and get ideas to draw them.

I’m disappointed with #SBSadrawingaday challenge because none from the participants, and none from #SketchbookSkool, and @SketchbookSkool have visited. I have enrolled in many, many courses. Just one art student in the sea of thousands of others.

If you’re visiting, you’re likely to be from the public. Thank you for visiting!

Doors: Crimson’s Creative Challenge

In response to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #24 photo prompt on a door, I have collected some of my posts on doors. You can choose to click on any post you’re interested in, to get to read the actual post. Thank you.

Eavesdropper behind door.

Dreaming of Eavesdropper post link.

Meaning of dreaming of exiting via a back door.

Dreaming of Back door post link.

Dreaming of guarding your back door.

Dreaming of Guarding back door link.

Dreaming of searching for back door.

Dreaming of Searching for back door post.

Dreaming of your back door.

Dreaming of entering through back door.

Dreaming of hearing knocking at door.

Dreaming of door slamming in my face.

#EveryDayInMay2019 drawing challenge

Every Day in May 2019 is a drawing challenge. Artists from all over the world follow a list of set prompts and post their artwork Every Day in May. (#EveryDayInMay2019)

May 1 2019 – Draw a favorite food.

Food, snacks, steamed corn, french fries, apple pie.

#EveryDayInMay2019 Draw your favorite food

#EveryDayInMay2019 May 2 – Draw a nearby tree.

#EveryDayInMay2019 May 3 – Draw curtains. (to be updated later)

#EveryDayInMay2019 May 4 – Draw bottle of spices/ herbs.

#EveryDayInMay2019 May 5 – Draw something hot.

A chicken pie and a hot drink.

#EveryDayInMay2019 May 6 – draw something with bristles.

Dreaming of paint brush.

#EveryDayInMay2019 May 7 – draw envelope.

Dream interpretation of envelope dream image.

#EveryDayInMay2019 May 8 – draw something with a handle.

Dreaming of entering through back door.

May 9 draw an interesting label #EveryDayInMay2019 . I did the reverse; drawing the food while pasting the label of the tea bag on the hot cup of tea.

Food Diary

May 10 draw something to turn on and off for #EveryDayInMay2019 .

Electric iron leaking current giving electric shock – dreaming of electric shock.

#EveryDayInMay2019 May 11 draw something you wear on your head.

Putting on shower cap, cleaning cream and then numbing cream.

#EveryDayInMay2019 May 12 draw some stairs.

Meaning of dreaming of climbing up stairs.

#EveryDayInMay2019 May 13 draw the last thing you bought.

Buying newspapers from a convenience store.

May 14 draw something you use daily #EveryDayInMay2019

fan knocked down bottle causing splotchesMay

May 15 Draw something you can give away #EveryDayInMay2019 . I’m doing the opposite by pasting here an image of a book I’ll like everyone to give themselves a copy.

Available at http://www.lulu.com/shop/cai-doctor-of-psychology/dream-interpretation-of-electric-shock/paperback/product-24119385.html

May 16 draw ingredients for a favorite recipe #EveryDayInMay2019 . I can’t do this yet.

May 17 draw something used for measuring #EveryDayInMay2019

Shiny new apparatus to measure blood pressure.

May 18 draw lipstick or lip gloss for #EveryDayInMay2019 .

Meaning of dreaming of teeth.

May 19 draw a cupcake for #EveryDayInMay2019 .

You can have my cake and eat it too.

Draw a wallet for May 20 for #EveryDayInMay2019.

Dream of money bag like wallet torn.

Draw a spot you sit to read for May 21 for #EveryDayInMay2019 .

Reading newspapers.

May 22 draw something attached on a wall at home. #EveryDayInMay2019 (Not attempted)

May 23 draw an interesting detail of a building for #EveryDayInMay2019 . I didn’t draw this.

May 24 draw keys for #EveryDayInMay2019

Dreaming of one key or several keys.

May 25 draw an apron for #EveryDayInMay2019 .

Be mindful of wearing your service apron to the toilet.

May 26 draw a sign for #EveryDayInMay2019

Dreaming of sign, #doodlewashAugust2019 Aug 7 2019.

May 27 draw a furry or fuzzy animal for #EveryDayInMay2019

dog; Golden Retriever, furry, fuzzy

May 28 draw a yard ornament for #EveryDayInMay2019 .

Meaning of vineyard dream is….

May 29 draw a faucet/ tap for #EveryDayInMay2019 . (to be updated later)

May 30 draw a bird feeder for #EveryDayInMay2019 . I didn’t draw this.

May 31 draw eggs for #EveryDayInMay2019 .

Dreaming of eggs.

No longer stable in desire

girlieontheedge1 prompt is “stable” for her 6 sentence story writing challenge. This opens every Thursday.

Part Fiction & part reality title:
No longer stable in desire.

When I was a very young girl, I loved horses.

I wished I owned one.

When I was an adult, I visited India and saw horses in living rooms.

Owners kept their steeds inside their houses in lieu of a stable because this was cheaper.

I could fulfill my fantasy to own a horse affordably if I lived in India where a horse need not be kept in a stable.

But I’ve grown up and no longer stable in desire to own a horse.

Back of a horse, grazing on grass. Ink blot art.

Their romance (subtitles for Silent Comic a WIP)

Fiction –
They were not friends but colleagues who tapped into each other’s knowledge for mutual benefit. Their approach to mask their affair was to stage a public display of doing official work but party after hours.

She had a disposition to give their relationship room to grow, despite their unrealistic personal context.

Note – The above is a description/ subtitle, meant to accompany a Silent Comic (WIP).


Ice skater

Ice skater, ink blot art.

I think this ink blot looks like an ice skater, save for the extra lines of ink streaming out behind the  figure. I drew a simple face in white gel pen ink.


Dream interpretation excluded from group and dream interpretation in a group

There is dream interpretation in a group and dream interpretation excluded from group (individual dream interpretation).

What is the difference?

Dream interpretation in a group
A group of people who are interested to discuss about their dreams, agree to form a dream work group. The participants must agree to some rules like respectful sharing and confidentiality. There can be one or two leaders, who help to facilitate the discussions. This group should agree to meet once a week, or once a fortnight, to talk about their dreams. Members should maintain a dream diary to keep track of their dreams and bring this log to meetings.

Group work for dream interpretation – One member talks about their dream. It should be mentioned if it is a recurring dream. This is because this means that the theme is an old one from the past and the issue has been unresolved for a long time. The dreamer should give some background context prior to seeing their dream. For instance, what is happening in their life currently, and what they think their dream means.

Each member has their own personal knowledge, experience, memories, culture, gut feeling, meanings associated with symbols and dream interpretation based on the sum total of their personal makeup of these factors. Everyone has a chance to talk about what they think the dream means. Of course, every person has their opinion based on their unique viewpoint. It is not necessary to force one’s opinion onto others to insist that only one interpretation is correct. The dreamer may accept or reject the perspectives of other members. However, all members must respect each other.

Dream interpretation excluded from group
The dreamer may seek the help of a psychologist/ psychiatrist/ psychoanalyst. The professional will use one or more theoretical approaches to help the dreamer to interpret their dream. Again, the meanings depend heavily on the dreamer’s personal factors like experience, knowledge, culture, associations, present situation in life, memories, and intuition/ gut feeling of what the dream means.

The professional may work with the dreamer on past issues that have surfaced in the dream.

Dream interpretation coffee: Meaning of coffee dream

Pour hot water to make coffee.

Meaning of dreaming of coffee
The meaning of coffee dream – the simplest connection would be that your brain is telling you its time to wake up and make that cup of coffee. The body has an internal clock. You are accustomed to wake up at around the same time every morning. When its time for you to wake up, your brain sends a signal and that could be a dream. Coffee as a dream symbol means you need the caffeine.

Do you smell the coffee in the dream too? How is the aroma of coffee? Is it a strong brew? If you can also smell the coffee, it reinforces the message that you need coffee.

Having a coffee in a dream indicates you usually drink coffee and nostalgia for this beverage has crept into your dream.

If you hate coffee but have dreamed of it, then it holds different meaning for you. You are going to face something you dislike in your waking life. It may not be coffee because this icon is only an image that is being used to convey the message to you.

Dream interpretation coffee
The meaning of this coffee dream depends on your personal experiences with coffee. If you like coffee, this dream is likely to mean you should have a coffee soon.

If you hate coffee, this dream may mean you will face something which you hate in waking life soon.

Couldn’t afford university: Mindful Doodles #517

Mindful Doodles #517 – Couldn’t afford university

A journal prompt asks “What is one of the biggest regrets in your life when you were young?”


In any one country, there is a percentage of parents who refuse, or can’t send their child to University.

I’ll like to think they didn’t because they couldn’t afford to.

Anyway, I did study for my tertiary education. All three degrees. It was very late and too late to get on the ladder. However, I’m here and very grateful to be alive. I still believe I can make things work out. I renewed my faith in the one and only awesome God.

Thank you, God!

Picture was drawn using my left hand, which is not my usual hand for writing & drawing.

Writing prompt “renew“.

Dream interpretation sweat/ dreaming sweat/ sweat dream

Drenched in sweat.

Dreaming sweat
1) If you dream you’re breaking out in cold sweat, you’re facing a frightening situation. Do you face any threats? Or frightening situations? If yes, then your dream was a reminder of the negativity you face in real life.

2) If you wake up soon after this dream, you should know the reason why you had that dream. Maybe your room was humid/ hot.

3) If you were not feeling hot, but dreamed of sweating, then it could mean the first suggestion – that in your dream, you were sweating because of fear.

Sweat dream
If you had other dream imagery accompanying this sweat dream, then you can associate them together. It could be a hot dream where you engaged in steamy activity with your partner.

Dream interpretation sweat
Your interpretation depends on your personal experience. You could think and reflect about your waking life.