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Pour hot water to make coffee.
Meaning of dreaming of coffee The meaning of coffee dream – the simplest connection would be that your brain is telling you its time to wake up and make that cup of coffee. The body has an internal clock. You are accustomed to wake up at around the same time every morning. When its time for you to wake up, your brain sends a signal and that could be a dream. Coffee as a dream symbol means you need the caffeine. Do you smell the coffee in the dream too? How is the aroma of coffee? Is it a strong brew? If you can also smell the coffee, it reinforces the message that you need coffee. Having a coffee in a dream indicates you usually drink coffee and nostalgia for this beverage has crept into your dream. If you hate coffee but have dreamed of it, then it holds different meaning for you. You are going to face something you dislike in your waking life. It may not be coffee because this icon is only an image that is being used to convey the message to you. Dream interpretation coffee The meaning of this coffee dream depends on your personal experiences with coffee. If you like coffee, this dream is likely to mean you should have a coffee soon. If you hate coffee, this dream may mean you will face something which you hate in waking life soon. Dream of coffee cups You may dream of coffee cups if you have special memories of them. Here are some triggers for dreaming of coffee cups;
  1. Special memories associated with coffee cups.
  2. You often use coffee cups and you associate them with good memories.
  3. You had a stressful incident related to a coffee cup. Maybe you broke a coffee cup. Maybe you cut yourself washing a coffee cup.
  4. If you have been drinking too much coffee, you might dream of coffee cups.
  5. Someone gave you a special coffee cup.
  6. You desire to drink coffee and you dream of coffee cups. After you wake up, one of the first things you’re going to do is to drink coffee.If you had been dreaming of drinking coffee, or seeing coffee, it can mean:
    1. You expect to be sleepy and needing this stimulant.
    2. You anticipate working for long hours, beyond your normal schedule.
    3. All these can also carry additional meanings like you’re going to be needed, which can mean you’re successful in your field.
    4. If you need to interpret this in a non-working scenario, it means you’re going to be busy.
    5. Seeing coffee beans in dream imagery can mean a source of money. Once upon a time, I was brought to visit a coffee plantation. The short coffee shrubs bore “berries”. Some of the ripe berries were plucked for harvesting, and to be sold as a cash crop. Dreaming of coffee beans, in my contextual experience, means a source of money.
Dream coffee
Morning coffee before food.
Dreaming of coffee pot – What does it mean when you dream of a coffee pot? It depends on your personal association with the symbol of coffee pot. To some people, it means making coffee early in the morning. It is a symbol of preparation for the day. Dreaming of a coffee pot can imply that your subconscious brain is trying to tell you to get ready. Your mental state is in anxiety so it triggers the memory cell that holds the image of your coffee pot. This image is replayed in a dream. Your brain wants to tell you to prepare for the morning and day, with your usual cuppa coffee.
Dreaming of a coffee pot.
September 7 #eddc #everydaydrawingchallenge prompt coffee pot. Media: black gel pen on recycled paper and color pencil.

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