Person reading book micro-art

Person reading book micro-art was drawn on a small square measuring 1 inch by 1 inch.

Person reading book micro-art in b/w (black & white sketch)

Person reading book micro-art (b/w)

Person reading book micro-art (color) coming soon.

Only the hair is colored. Maybe I’ll complete the coloring for uploading later.

Dream interpretation run away

If you dream to run away, its dream interpretation is bad. There is someone or something that desires to run away. During your day, you have received data that hints of this even happening and your nagging suspicions have triggered this dream.

If you are facing a tough challenge in your waking life, then you might dream of running away, to escape challenge.

If you are in a deadlock and unable to move forward, or retreat backwards, you might dream of running away.

Micro-comic about something being a run away.

The orange rolled away to escape being chosen and bought by the customer.

How to make origami standing bird

Look at photos to follow How to make origami standing bird. Part of this origami comes from the traditional crane creation, but the steps from the bending neck onwards are my own adaptation to invent a standing bird. Show your creation by posting in your social media. Return here to share your link. Inspire Me Monday! Thank you for participating.

How to make origami standing bird:

Start with square paper.
Fold crease into half.
Fold crease into other half of paper.
Crease paper into a quarter square.
Crease diagonal as shown.

Take a single flap to fold like this.

Take opposite flap & fold similarly.

Open creased fold like this.

Fold it down like this.

Turn paper over to the side with basic square. Fold like this. Repeat what you did for the done side.

Fold both sides like this.

Open up flap like this.

Fold left portion.

Fold the right flap portion too.

Take one limb and fold inwards as shown.

Now pull it down to adjust angle of neck to bend it down.

Make small fold inwards again to form bird’s head.
Fold down one wing like this.

Fold down other wing on the other side.

Fold lower part of leg at right angle, to make the claws and how bird stands.

Decorate with a bread crumb or rice grain or bean.

If you wish to color and decorate your origami yourself, use a square sheet of blank paper. After your origami standing bird is complete, you can start to add details like the eyes, and color it in. Children will enjoy using a blank paper to origami as they can color it later.

Please origami with me and show your product on social media. Come and paste your link to your image here. Share your pretty origami with us. You can also post on Twitter and tag me I’ll like and retweet your post.

Prompt – Inspire Me Monday week 428. From the blog Create With Joy. Add your post url to link up with the hostess.

Dream interpretation cool shoes

If you dream cool shoes, it is usually good news, from this dream interpretation. You are going to wear your best cool shoes, for an important function where you’ll meet high society.

Other dream interpretations of cool shoes are:

2. You desired to own a pair of cool shoes and your dream makes it possible for you; even though it is in a dream.

3. You may be having a new role to be responsible for. The dream symbol of cool shoes can mean you have to step into a new role.

Dream interpretation tombstones

If you dream tombstones, there are a few dream interpretations for this.

  1. You have close relatives who died. You had not visited their tombstones for a long time. Something during your day triggered this dream about their tombstones.
  2. You had seen a movie, or read a book, that stirred up memories of tombstones and this triggered the dream.
  3. You missed your beloved dead ones and nostalgia brought up this dream.
  4. If you are in the casket business, or involved in any aspect of the funeral, you face the daily theme of taking care of the dead. Dreaming about making tombstone is a usual theme and it is normal for this theme to pop into your dream.
  5. You have unfinished business, like unresolved misunderstanding with a dead person, then you might think of their tombstone.
  6. In the contrary world of dreams, the symbol of tombstone need not be a bad or scary dream symbol. On the contrary, a seemingly bad symbol can mean goodness for the waking life.

If you had dreams about dead people, read this book:

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