Dream interpretation fancy cakes

If you dream fancy cakes, its dream interpretation could be –

  1. Someone’s birthday is coming up.
  2. Someone’s celebration is coming.
  3. You have a desire to bake nice, fancy cakes.
Meaning of dreaming about wedding cake.

Dreaming about wedding cake:
Dreaming about a wedding cake has a consequential connotation that follows traditional married life. It usually foretells a pregnancy. Some cultures explain this as being another occasion for celebration with cake. A baby shower may be celebrated with cake. In other cultures, after the baby is born, the arrival of the baby is celebrated with a party and cake.

Dreaming of the log cake:

The log cake is commonly seen in bakeries, during December, and near Christmas. The log is a symbol of celebration, in some cultures and traditions. Some beliefs denote the log as a symbol of new beginnings, new spirituality and a ritual.

The dream imagery is associated to meanings we are familiar with, as according to our individual experiences. When we are unsure of the dream interpretations, we turn to common cultural connotations attached to the symbol.

You can have my cake and eat it too.

Dream of baking a cake:

If you dream of baking a cake, then the condition of the cooked cake is important. If the cake is well baked, then your relationship or new project in waking life, will go well. If you dream that your cake did not bake well, was under cooked or spoiled, then your projects/ relationships in waking life will fail.

The sunken cake syndrome is very common. Probably caused by heavy batter in the center.

Dream interpretation of what cake are you

If you dream of yourself being an object, a superficial dream analysis suggests you are portrayed as an object of consumption because in real life, you are being eaten. This dream interpretation of being a cake means you are being bullied and taken advantage of.

If you dream being a sponge cake, it can mean you think you are a “lightweight”. Sponge cake being without luxurious trimmings.

If you dream being a chocolate cake, it can mean in reality, you like chocolate for its flavor.

If you dream of being a red velvet cake, it means you are in the mood for luxury, romance, and passion.

If you dream being a carrot cake, it means you’re health conscious and wish to have your cake and eat it. You compromise the loading of calories, with the compensation of eating healthy carrot with it.

If you’re Chinese, there is another version of carrot cake. This Chinese carrot cake is made by steaming the moist flour-grated carrot-onion-salt mixture. When this carrot cake is cooled, it can be served. Another way of enhancing the taste of this carrot cake is by slicing and frying for that added crisp & crunchy taste.

Dreaming of being a cheese cake can mean you are a softie at heart. The cheese cake is a goodness loaded personality, although it comes with its fair share of disadvantages as portrayed in likeness by the characteristics of a cheesecake.

Dreaming of being a cupcake can mean you feel small. You lack confidence.