Dreaming of knight

Dreaming of knight.

The knight is often associated with heroism. When you dream of a white knight, you are being asked to act with honorable behavior. Perhaps in waking life, you face situations whereby you have to choose to act with impunity, or take the easy way out.

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Dreaming of flying kite

Dreaming of flying kite.

The kite is a flying projectile and its meaning is similar to that of a balloon.

If the dreamer sees the kite being flown high in the sky, it means good news is coming. If the dreamer has difficulty flying the kite, and it is unable to maintain a height, it means the person will experience difficulties in waking life. If the kite drops and falls flat on the ground, then the person faces tough challenges.

Dreaming of jargon

Dreaming of jargon.

In this dream, people are talking in lingo that is difficult to understand. This is not a good environment or situation to be in.

In waking life, there is probably some miscommunication due to technical language.

Dreaming of sharp rocks

Dreaming of sharp rocks.

Just like what their images depict, sharp rocks, icebergs and other sharp surfaces in nature, mean bad news.

In waking life, the dreamer should pay attention to people with sharp tongues and bad intentions.

Dreaming of joker

Dreaming of joker/ comedian.

In waking life, many jokers, comics, comedians and humorous people are sad people. They pretend to be cheerful and happy because of the deep sadness within.

If you dream of a joker, it means your brain is trying to tell you that you are in conflict. You are sad, while pretending to be cheerful and happy. In waking life, you should pay attention to people around you, who act like jokers. These people are dangerous. They act in contrast to their behavior. They can pretend to be happy, and your friend, while in their hearts, they are bitter enemies.

Soiled: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

She saw a speck of dirt on the hem of her dress. She rubbed at it. The stain only spread farther. She took a sheet of wet tissue from her handbag and rubbed at the spot. “Out, spot, be gone spot!” she said. The moisture only dampened the mark. The blight remained as elusive as ever.  She looked at her hand. The black was transferred onto her fingers. She rubbed her fingers together. The smudges proliferated. Her hands were soiled. What was wrong with her? No matter how hard she rubbed, the stain was there. Worse, the stain had spread. She rubbed her hands on her thigh in frustration. Oh no! Now her dress material at the thigh area was smudged with black. “I mustn’t let this get a hold of me. It is only obsessive compulsive disorder. There is no  stain.” Then she had a sudden thought.  “The stain is in my eyes!  I must rub it out of my eyes!” A few minutes later, the stain became the focal point of her eyesight. She only saw black.

A story of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

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Seeing monsters after Shrooms

A young woman told me she saw monsters. Only that they were human monsters. She said she saw the strangers around her looking like monsters. The creatures intended to harm her. She ws afraid of human monsters. She wasn’t talking straight as her speech was incoherent. Her train of thought was jumbled up. She repeated her sentences and her topic of discussion stayed the same for upteen sentences, although no one could respond to her nonsensical rambling.

I asked her what she had been eating and drinking. She was evasive. I suspected she had shrooms or something similar.

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Dreaming of winning jackpot

Dreaming of winning jackpot.

In the strange world of dreams, the manifest image does not convey the same meaning for its latent meaning. Thus, the imagery of winning the jackpot, does not mean a windfall of money, but the contrary. It means money will be lost.

Meaning of dream:
This dream warns me to be careful with money. I must do my due diligence to check on finances, budgeting, investing and earning.

Dreaming of switching handbags

Dreaming of switching handbags.

I dreamed I lost my handbag and was carrying someone else’s handbag. Under a mysterious circumstance of a big mix up, I was carrying a stranger’s handbag. I was worried and searched everywhere for the woman who lost her bag. I was eager to get my own handbag back. Suddenly, I spotted a woman carrying my handbag. I rushed up to her and showed her handbag. She was unconvinced she got the wrong bag. I told her to check in the purse, which had my ID. She opened the bag and indeed, found my purse with my ID inside. We exchanged handbags. Then I woke up.

The meaning of this dream is about threat simulation. I was threatened with the loss of my handbag. This dream reminds me to be careful in my waking life. I could lose my bag or other things if I got careless.

To dream of switching handbags can mean you did not like your present handbag. Other dream interpretations can mean you envy another handbag or set of circumstance and you desire to be in that set of shoes.
Yet another dream interpretation is that you are not suited in your present situation and change is recommended. Hence the dream imagery of switching handbags.

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Dreaming of betrayal

Dreaming of betrayal.

A woman narrated this dream to me. She dreamed her husband was cooking up a plan to make use of her as a servant. He wanted to buy a big house for his extended family of six other relatives, to move in and live for free. He wanted them to be fed, clothed, and taken care of, by his wife. This woman said she woke up feeling betrayed, frightened, and confused.

Dream analysis:
I asked this woman, if her husband had talked to her about his plan for his relations. She affirmed he had spoken about inviting his relatives to live together. The woman said he had a mental disorder and other health problems, which interfered with his ability to think logically. She said she was not resourceful or strong enough to accommodate six other people in her home. Her dream warned her of betrayal and the mental state of her husband.