Snippets of my life

Life is funny, ironic and unpredictable. I spent many years in my paper chase. I still wasn’t good enough. It is also my fault that I couldn’t handle my home front and potential working life seamlessly. My tired organic body has slowed down. Now I’m doing totally unrelated freelancing, but this is so much better. I’ve also seen another small window enticing me to look into that prospect. I’ll never be successful in the conventional way. But I’ll manage.

VJ ‘s weekly challenge – write about snippets of my life.

Steps & stairs of staircase

I live in a land scarce geographic location. Often in my adult life, I have lived in single level apartments. There were no flights of stairs, steps, or staircase inside my apartment Whenever the elevator was being serviced by technicians, I had to climb up the external stairs . I felt strange and unreal climbing up steps of a staircase. I had been so accustomed to the comfort and luxury of elevators, and escalators.

Crimson Creative Challenge CCC #CCC – pic prompt shows a flight of steps.

Karma bites

We used to moan about unfair treatment. However, it is often the case that karma bites and something happens. Sometimes, the retribution is even bigger than the offence. I feel a sense of dread to tell those stories so I choose to write about general observations.

Every Thursday, Reena’s Exploration Challenge, #178 prompt “karma bites”.

Contrast: Friday Fun

Contrasting roles, a Fiction.

I met a woman with diverse contrasting roles. She was a socialite. She had two children. Being a social butterfly fluttering between society and maternal responsibility did not sit well. She plotted to diverse her childrearing role to another woman. Or totally remove her kids from the living domain.

Kate hosts Friday Fun #FridayFun. This past week’s Mar 20 2021 prompt is Contrast.

I found happiness over the rainbow

Rainbows are wonderful gifts from Nature and God. There were times when I was feeling sad, when suddenly, I saw a rainbow in the sky. Once, I was on a bus, traveling back home, when I saw a rainbow. I was able to keep it in focus, until my bus changed directions and drove away from the rainbow. My mood lifted. I felt happy, even when my circumstances remained the same. I found happiness over the rainbow. Happiness is a frame of mind.

Eugi Weekly Prompt, rainbow for Mar 18 2021.