I was very sad when I lost somebody near and dear to me. I was on the verge of collapse. I didn’t know how I could carry on. I worked very hard to make ends meet. Life became better when I grew confident at taking care of myself. Now, I tell others not to collapse. Keep going. Life does get better.

Writing prompt – collapse.

When you catch somebody having a roll: Mindful Doodle #162

One day, a naive woman decided to drop by her neighbor’s house to pass her a good book. Her neighbor’s husband was out of town for work. She was a long time coming and the woman opened the door wearing nothing but a towel. Then a man’s voice said, “Who is it, Honey?” You know that voice was not her husband’s voice.

That awkward moment

I see him in the sky

This post honors all people who have died during the past week. I was deeply touched by the sudden and untimely death of a young man in my local community. Thousands of others have mourned his passing. More so because he was taken even before his prime. He was posed to make a comeback in his career. He had prepared his foundations to switch his career path, albeit in the same industry. His body is returned to earth, but his spirit soars free in the Universe.

The writing website’s picture prompt photo suggests that a man (or person) is in the night sky of the galaxy, floating with the constellations of stars. I would like to imagine that the deceased man’s spirit is liberated to soar even higher than his mortal body would. I want to say that I see him in the sky.

There are many other posts from this blog about seeing dead people in dreams.

Picture prompt.


How to accept and move on: Mindful Doodles #154

Dreaming of giant or dreaming of dwarf.

How to accept and move on

1) Accept – surrender good and bad, to God. If you are an atheist, then surrender your positives and negatives to the Universe.

(2) Be mindful of the present. You live here, now.

(3) Do your best and leave the rest to God and the Universe.

(4) Accept yourself – short or tall, fat or thin, able or disabled…

(5) You are a work in the making… continue to live your best.

(6) It’s okay to be imperfect.

(7) It’s OK to make mistakes.

(8) So get up after a fall.

(9) Refuse to linger in defeat and shame. This will not hurt you.

(10) Take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

(11) For those who don’t share your opinion, don’t waste your time and effort on them. Everything has its own time and place.

(12) Turn your anger and criticisms into positive reconstruction.

(13) Know when it’s time to let go and move on.

(14) Make hay when the sun shines. When one door closes, a window opens. Turnaround your Achilles heel and make that your center piece. It can turn your life around.

(14) Accept that life has ups and downs. It will never be down all the way, nor up all the way.

(15) When you can’t change people nor things, change yourself to adapt.

(16) Look at the big picture. Enjoy your journey. Stop and smell the roses.

(17) Sometimes, it’s time to be content and appreciate what you have.

(18) Don’t worry about the future.

(20) Spend time with nature wherever you can. Be convinced that you too, can thrive, wherever you are.

(21) Eat well, work well, play well, sleep well. Give thanks and live your best life.

How to get gold nuggets: Mind Doodles #153

Mindful Doodles #153

How to get gold nuggets of wisdom?
In a dream, the wise old woman said, “Turn my sorrow into gold. You’ll pay me back in kind, and reap just what you sow.”

How to get gold nuggets

I believe everything starts small. A nugget of good advice can generate a windfall. Just start a smal good thing.