Dream of pet rock

If you dream of seeing your pet rock, it can mean you have been lonely. You wished for companionship, amidst the largely silent hustle and bustle of life.

You had no one to turn to, which was why your pet rock featured in your dream.

Dream of vampire

If you dream of seeing a vampire, it can mean you have been watching too much TV or movies.

Dream imagery of a vampire can mean you have been taken advantage of and you are suffering, just like the victims of a vampire.

Meaning of dreaming of being a vampire …

Dream of rocket

If you dream of a rocket, meaning a space ship, it can mean you have aspirations to travel to outer space. You are interested in space and the Galaxy.

If you dreamed about the other kind of rocket, which is the destructive missile type of rocket, it means your dream is a reminder of a threat. Your dream relays the message that you are facing a hostile environment, and you have enemies.

Dream of surgical face masks

If you dream of seeing people wearing surgical face masks, it can mean you have seen an epidemic developing during your waking reality. Surgical face masks are worn to shield the nose and mouth, from expiration that relapses infected air or body fluids.

If you dream of seeing large numbers of people wearing surgical face masks, it may mean they are trying to protect themselves from catching a virus which is spread by airborne virus.

About 35 skin tag laser zaps later, surgeon says my face is almost cleared.

Dream of tuition class

If you are a student and dream of attending a tuition class, it means you were anxious over your studies. If you did not have any tuition class before, this dream is a wake up call to start looking for one. Your subconscious mind has sent you a message. It suggested dream imagery of attending tuition class, to hint to you to try this.

Dream about being late for tuition class.

Dream of hearing loss

If you dream of hearing loss, it means you can’t receive auditory stimuli. You have one less stimulus to process data about your environment.
If you can hear in real life, but dream of hearing loss, it can mean you are tone deaf. You hear but the data does not end inside your brain. The stimulus slips through the gap and does not become a useful piece of information for you.

If in real life you chose to ignore certain information, you have turned off responding to communication. If you chose to ignore a channel, you might wish to use an alternative channel.

Be mindful of how you clean your ear.

Dream of hammock

The dream of hammock can mean –

1. You desire a vacation to rest. The dream imagery of a hammock means you wish to lie down, relax, not do any work or sleep in an unconventional tool.
2. If you can see farther beyond your hammock, you may see the beach, or some other setting in nature. The setting in your dream

Dream of binoculars

This dream of binoculars means you can expect something important to happen in the distant future. This explains the use of the binoculars dream symbol.

If you are caught in a dilemma or difficult, puzzling situation now, the dream metaphor of binoculars is a message to tell you to choose actions that bear in mind the consequences of what benefits that may happen in the future.

The binoculars symbol tells you to see farther ahead and not indulge in temptations for the brief present.