Coloring contest to win a book

This post serves to gauge reader response to the idea of hosting a coloring contest. One coloring page will be posted in this blog. Readers can print out the page, color it, and upload to their blog & mention the weblink, or mention the url where the colored page is posted. The best colored entry for that particular coloring page will be awarded a selected book from an indie author, usually chosen from Twitter. The winner may communicate to host privately to give instructions on where to send the prize.

Why do some people talk to themselves

Why do some people talk to themselves? Our brain is not quiet. There is a stream of consciousness, and these thoughts can jump from one topic to another topic. A school of psychology calls this monkey chatter. Most of the time, we let this chatter pass. Sometimes, a person reacts to overwhelming overload.

Why people talk to themselves.


Something For You #8

One size does not fit all.

Something For You to ponder – when the clothing tag says free size, it does not always mean that one size fits all. The customer has to bring back the blouses to exchange for another cutting of pattern that is broader.

How to use the escalator side brush to clean your footwear: Something For You #15

Something For You is a comic strip with a message. For this issue of #15, it is about “How to use the escalator side brush to clean your footwear”.

How to use the escalator side brush to clean your footwear.

Some escalators have the soft bristles brush along the entire flight of steps. When you stand on a step of the escalator, you are being propelled upwards. If you place your footwear just within touch of the line of brush, then it brushes your footwear. Its like getting a free shoe shine, sans the wax. Just be careful if you’re wearing a long skirt or baggy pants. Don’t let the edge of your long bottom get sucked into the side of the escalator!