Five ways to enjoy strawberries

This is my list of five ways to enjoy strawberries:

  1. Eat them straight up cold from the chiller.
  2. Freeze them to become little icy popsicles.
  3. Serve with a dash of whipped cream or ice cream.
  4. Slice them thinly and immerse them in cold drinking water to make a refreshing infusion drink.
  5. If you have one cooking pot of strawberries to make jam, wash and clean them of their stems. Slice thinly and grate them. Boil them and add sugar according to taste. If you have gelatin/ jelly making crystals, dissolve and stir several tablespoons in hot water and stir. Add this to the strawberry jam and bring to boil. Cool it and then refrigerate.

Tanya hosts her blog called Salted Caramel. This week’s writing prompt is about your five ways to eat strawberries.

Reading habits

Truthful Tuesday by Frank the PCGUYIV asks us these questions about our reading habits

  1. Are there any books that you can read over and over again, and never seem to tire of?
  2. Have any of your favorite authors written any books that you just didn’t care for?
  3. When it comes books, do you prefer reading fiction or non-fiction? The genre is unimportant.

Q1. No.

Q2. I seldom read regularly. I don’t have enough time, or could not manage a regular reading schedule. I don’t have favorite authors.

Q3. I prefer non-fiction. I’m tired of seeing a world through rose-tinted reading glasses.

How I relax after a long day

How I relax after a long day? I retreat into my inner sanctuary. I do something I like. It could be reading, blogging or creating art. A rhythmic activity that involves repetitive actions brings order to the mind, emotions and calms the inner chaos.

My favorite activities to share with friends

Here is a list of my favorite activities to share with friends and family.

  1. Take a scenic bus ride. I like to sit on the upper deck if there is a double decker bus. I can take photos. I like the company of a family member or friend.
  2. I like to create art.
  3. I like to eat out because I don’t have to cook. Also, my home kitchen usually has only vegetarian food. When I eat out, I can buy meats.
  4. I like shopping for art and craft material if I can afford to spend. Sometimes, I collect household material for storage into a separate box for craft supplies.
  5. I like shopping for groceries.
  6. I like reading newspapers. I usually share reading time with a family member. We comment on news articles, book recommendations, lifestyle trends, and photos in the newspapers.
  7. I like watching TV together with someone.
  8. I like to share personal reviews on books.

What are your favorite activities to share with friends and family? SFW only.

Dreaming of all members of the family reading newspapers.

My personal changes and how they help me

Here are some of my personal changes and how they help me. I’m sharing them because you may be inspired to change your life and tell us the aspects in which you have experienced life improvements.

Change in diet

I changed my diet into a near vegetarian one. I still eat fish and chicken, but only one of each and twice a week. I feel better and my weight has started to decrease naturally without making extra effort to go out to exercise daily. In pre-Covid days, I used to walk for 25 minutes every day. Now, I only have housework to burn calories. My other work are all sedentary.

Started a reading habit

I’m reading books and blogging reviews. Reading helps me write better as a blogger.

Started mixed media art

I started creating mixed media art. I got over my initial anxieties with “art block”. Now, I try to use available materials to make pretty art. I hand sewed simple costumes for my art figures. I had never done this before.

Significantly reduced time spent on Twitter

I reduced time spent on social media, specifically Twitter. Its entertainment and gratification but I didn’t gain much from it. This is helpful as I discovered I have more time to use fruitfully for my art and reading.

Have you made changes to improve your lifestyle?

Female tennis player inspired by Serena Williams pic
Fantasy art female tennis player with cat face, anthropomorphism.