Not quite 100 000 thoughts but 347 thoughts on June 17 2024

Various scientists and researchers said that the human brain can think up 100,000 thoughts in a day. This concept is similar to “monkey chatter” and “stream of consciousness”.

This is a list of my thoughts which I managed to record in writing. It is nowhere near even 1000 thoughts. I thought of titling this post 347 thoughts in 24 hours but decided against it as I wasn’t awake for 24 hours; only 18 hours, from 4:30 am to 10:30 pm. I lost time of one and a half hours when I went to bed at 10:30 pm while my 24 hour watch ended at 12 midnight.

Some reasons why I’m so deficient in recording my passing thoughts is because –

  1. I didn’t split up a train of thoughts but recorded it as a single entity.
  2. I wasn’t aware when a small thought passed through my brain.
  3. New thoughts displaced older thoughts faster than I could write them down.


Here’s my list of thoughts for my waking hours on June 17 2024.

  1. I am aware I woke up at 4:30 am.
  2. I have to start recording my thoughts.
  3. I remember my dream of doing renovations in my house.
  4. I think of my cousin E.
  5. How is she doing in her adopted homeland?
  6. I see the living room light is still on.
  7. A. must still be sitting on his sofa.
  8. How is Y?
  9. Is she recovering from her cold?
  10. Is Y going to visit her doctor tomorrow?
  11. If I tag along, I can show the doctor my skin problem on my palm.
  12. I’m not hungry yet.
  13. My contractor has weird behaviors.
  14. He goes away almost every weekend and doesn’t answer messages on weekends.
  15. I’ve gained weight.
  16. My blouses are tight.
  17. I’ve been eating rice and carbohydrates frequently.
  18. I’ve to start praying now.
  19. I’ve to salute my Guardian Angel.
  20. I pray for Y’s health.
  21. I mentally prepare myself to travel back to the old neighborhood to visit the clinic there.
  22. Thoughts on what to blog.
  23. How’s my blog doing?
  24. What’s the latest Sunday blogging prompt by that kind man?
  25. I’ve got to read for research.
  26. How to improve web traffic for my blog?
  27. I pray for Y’s recovery so that she can resume normal life.
  28. Y wants to cycle when she recovers.
  29. How will our meeting with the electrician turn out?
  30. Why don’t other bloggers return visits and comments when I participate in their writing prompts?
  31. I finished praying one rosary.
  32. I should save time by cutting vegetable for A’s lunch now.
  33. I’m hungry. Does cutting greens make me hungry?
  34. I want to warm up my food.
  35. Meantime I can change the water in the terrapin’s box.
  36. I can pour feed into the terrapin box.
  37. My food is warm.
  38. Time to eat.
  39. Thank you God for giving me food to eat.
  40. I remember my poverty when I had no money and people looked down on me.
  41. There are many people asking for money.
  42. My new neighborhood has at least one man who has asked for money for his scheme (scam).
  43. I don’t miss my old home because the residents were mean there.
  44. The newspaper catches my eye.
  45. A headline on June 15 2024 says, “Save the environment”. Good.
  46. I can use this idea in a picture composition.
  47. I can draw out a series of thoughts.
  48. I want to read my book to research.
  49. My thoughts are not independent now.
  50. My thoughts are on my reading material.
  51. My thoughts are on writing a short article.
  52. Now I’m sleepy.
  53. I should switch to reading because I’m too sleepy to compose my writing.
  54. I read old newspaper articles which I saved.
  55. Drat! I’m sleepy.
  56. Y is calling me.
  57. My alone time is over.
  58. I got to prepare her breakfast tray.
  59. I got to go into her room.
  60. Now she’s telling me she wants to visit a doctor TODAY.
  61. I’ve to hustle to cook lunch before we go out.
  62. I’ve got to scoop cereal into a bowl and pour hot water into her cup for tea.
  63. Turn the fire to high to make the vegetables cook faster.
  64. Carry the breakfast tray to Y.
  65. I’ve to change clothes to go out.
  66. Which blouse to wear?
  67. Which skirt to wear?
  68. Choose an outfit that I’ll immediately wash after returning home.
  69. I need to check online for a clinic that stays open on a public holiday.
  70. I need to charge my cell phone.
  71. I need to call the clinic to confirm their address.
  72. I need to write a note to inform A that we’re going out.
  73. Y has eaten her breakfast means its time to get moving.
  74. I have to put A’s lunch on his table.
  75. I need to grab my clothes and change.
  76. I see Y has changed into her going outdoors clothes.
  77. We have to move downstairs to the apartment’s lobby.
  78. We are in the elevator now.
  79. What’s my next step?
  80. I can use the automated system to book a cab.
  81. I have to tell Y to sit down to wait for me to call for a cab.
  82. I hope I get a cab.
  83. I got a cab!
  84. I’m so grateful I got a cab immediately.
  85. Its a short wait for the cab to arrive.
  86. When should I buy today’s newspaper?
  87. My cell phone is ringing.
  88. Our taxi is arriving very soon.
  89. The driver is here and I think of speaking to him in Mandarin.
  90. Y is anxious and nervous in the taxi.
  91. Y maybe worried about feeling crackling noises in her right ear.
  92. Should I pay the driver in small denominations?
  93. Do I need to change a $50?
  94. Will I find the clinic since its our first visit to this place?
  95. Spotted it. Thank goodness!
  96. Should we sit inside or outside the clinic?
  97. There’s only one lone chair.
  98. I should carry this chair to a far corner to sit by myself.
  99. Can I see the monitor screen display for our queue number?
  100. Y is going inside to register her presence.
  101. Y is signaling for me to wait inside the clinic.
  102. Hey, there’s a teen boy wearing his Tee with the name “Raffles”.
  103. He’s showing off that he’s from a famous instition.
  104. I can hear that old man talking to the receptionist.
  105. They’re discussing procedures to collect blood and stool.
  106. Grotesque.
  107. That man is calling his wife.
  108. He put her on speaker phone.
  109. He has a hearing problem?
  110. They’re discussing schedules.
  111. They’re going traveling to J.B.
  112. They have to re-schedule an appointment to fit in this clinic’s appointment.
  113. The two clinic receptionists are speaking in Tagalog.
  114. Is it rare for both receptionists to be Filipina?
  115. Must be the manpower crunch.
  116. Their telephone is ringing.
  117. One receptionist is explaining this clinic is very near to Djitsun Mall.
  118. Yeah, I never heard of Djitsun Mall either.
  119. Here’s a new patient.
  120. She’s repeating her address to the receptionist.
  121. Why does she need to repeat info that’s already on her ID?
  122. No privacy.
  123. Invasive clinic procedure.
  124. Will someone listen and follow her home later?
  125. The wait is becoming irritating.
  126. A woman patient is coughing behind my back.
  127. The doctor has an interval after each patient.
  128. The receptionist asks a male teen patient to walk to the back of the clinic for his eye test.
  129. I hear the boy reading numbers off the chart.
  130. Oh no. He can’t read some lines.
  131. His eye test is over in a jiffy.
  132. They’re walking back to the main counter.
  133. They’re discussing about booking an appointment for he boy’s follow-up.
  134. The boy’s mother wants his appointment to be very soon.
  135. The receptionist is searching for an expedited date.
  136. She gets a slot.
  137. The monitor flashes #15.
  138. Its Y’s turn to see the doctor.
  139. Okay, let’s knock on the doctor’s door.
  140. Its a lady doctor.
  141. She’s dressed in the clinic’s uniform of dark blue Tee and tight figure hugging tights.
  142. She must be single.
  143. South Indian lady doctor.
  144. She asks Y: “How are you feeling?”
  145. Obviously crap.
  146. Y is talking about her symptoms.
  147. Lady doctor turns to me to say, “You can put your bags there.”
  148. No way I’m putting my bags at the feet end of the lying down couch.
  149. This doctor listens.
  150. This doctor explains course of medication.
  151. This doctor explains what needs to be done for follow-up.
  152. We’re done.
  153. We’re waiting again.
  154. For how long?
  155. The doctor is taking time to type and update her patient’s record.
  156. Suddenly one of the Filipina receptionists asks me “Are you cold Mam?”
  157. I’m shocked.
  158. No single receptionist at any clinic has ever asked this of me.
  159. What’s wrong here?
  160. Is she fishing for interaction?
  161. I say no.
  162. She says my action suggest I’m cold.
  163. She says I appeared to be shivering?
  164. I shook my head.
  165. Weird. Nobody has said this of me before.
  166. The doctor is taking her time.
  167. What’s the speed of her tying?
  168. The receptionist calls out Y’s name.
  169. Finally I think.
  170. Receptionist says, “Do you have NTUC card?”
  171. What?
  172. I say, “But my card is in my name and it can’t be applied for her discount”.
  173. Receptionist: “We can use it for any member of the family”.
  174. I’ve never heard of this before.
  175. Y tells me to flash my NTUC membership card.
  176. Receptionist physically notes I have the card.
  177. She doesn’t need to write down my member number?
  178. Cool. How lax the application of rule.
  179. What if my card has expired?
  180. “There’s a difference in fees after the discount”.
  181. I think I’m not believing.
  182. She hands me the amended amount.
  183. From $104 discounted down to $47.15.
  184. I love you NTUC card.
  185. I’ll pay the balance.
  186. Y takes her meds in a small plastic bag.
  187. (We’re not charged for this tiny plastic bag. Yay.)
  188. Now to leave the same way we came here.
  189. Is there a taxi stand outside?
  190. No. Now what to do?
  191. Walk to the nearest mall which is Djitsun Mall.
  192. No taxi stand either!
  193. This mall is too small to deserve a taxi stand?
  194. How to call for taxi?
  195. Call the cab company to send a cab to this iconic spot at the mall’s entrance.
  196. The operator needs the spelling of Djitsun?
  197. This means this is an obscure mall?
  198. My cell phone is ringing!
  199. It must be the taxi driver’s alert that he’s coming.
  200. Thank goodness.
  201. But where is he?
  202. My cell is ringing again.
  203. Maybe he’s on the line and not using the automated call system.
  204. Hello? Where are you?
  205. Where is the coffee shop?
  206. I can’t go to the coffee shop!
  207. You can meet me at the entrance of Djitsun Mall.
  208. You don’t know where Djitsun Mall is?
  209. Oh dear!
  210. Meet me at the clinic.
  211. I see you.
  212. Our ride is here at last.
  213. After we alight from the cab, can I go buy newspapers?
  214. No?
  215. I think you’re tired and feeling unwell.
  216. OK, we’ll get home first and then I’ll go alone to buy newspapers.
  217. Nice scenery by the road.
  218. We seldom travel by this way.
  219. We’ve reached.
  220. I got to prepare Y’s lunch before I leave home to buy newspapers.
  221. I ask Y “What do you want for lunch?”
  222. She says she can’t decide. Oh well.
  223. She must be worried about having to consume antibiotics.
  224. We’re home.
  225. I have to ask her again what she wants for lunch.
  226. She wants cod fish fingers. They’re in the freezer.
  227. Her lunch is set.
  228. Time for me to leave to buy newspapers.
  229. I’m taking the elevator alone.
  230. There’s nobody else going down.
  231. What a difference from a normal day.
  232. I feel strange walking to the mall alone.
  233. I’ll get used to it.
  234. No big deal.
  235. Hey, we’re here.
  236. Its not as crowded as I anticipated.
  237. Today is a public holiday.
  238. people must be relaxing at home.
  239. I need a basket for shopping.
  240. I just follow my list.
  241. The aisles are not spacious but manageable.
  242. Where is Magnolia milk?
  243. Where is multigrain paratha?
  244. Where are the buns?
  245. There’s no banana cake for A!
  246. What should I buy to substitute for his banana cake?
  247. I think he’ll like his regular choice of lotus paste filled biscuits.
  248. I think I’m done with my grocery list.
  249. Let’s double check to avoid missing out stuff.
  250. Yes, I got all of them.
  251. Let’s look for the shortest check-out queue.
  252. The old man in front of me is only buying tooth paste and 6 eggs.
  253. Eggs are so useful for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  254. Except for the threat of high cholesterol.
  255. He’s done.
  256. Its my turn now.
  257. I’ve to pay attention to the packing.
  258. I’ve to tell the cashier I don’t need plastic bags.
  259. Wow, she’s fast.
  260. I’m done.
  261. I must make sure I don’t leave anything behind.
  262. That woman is saying something to me.
  263. She wants my “Bonus Point” coupon because she’s short of 1 point.
  264. She can have my coupon. I’m not collecting coupons to buy the kitchen ware set.
  265. I’m free to go home.
  266. I’ll take the escalator.
  267. Hey, I recognise that man on the opposite escalator.
  268. He’s the security guard working in my building.
  269. He buys food from the supermarket to eat for his lunch!
  270. Can that be a balanced lunch?
  271. He looks plump so he’s doing good.
  272. He gave me the slightest nod ever.
  273. He recognised me too.
  274. Anyway, what he eats is none of my business.
  275. I’m glad its only a short walk home.
  276. Almost there.
  277. I’m home.
  278. I can’t rest yet.
  279. I have to keep away the groceries.
  280. I can’t sit down just yet.
  281. I have a load of laundry to do.
  282. Wash away the germs from the clinic.
  283. This washing machine is great.
  284. The dryer removes creases too.
  285. I don’t need to iron clothes.
  286. I can sit down now.
  287. Newspaper time!
  288. Maybe I can get some inspiration or relaxation from reading.
  289. I’ve been outdoors for so long.
  290. I’ve to continue recording my thoughts.
  291. Y said I have to wait at home tomorrow because DHL is coming by to pick up a parcel for return.
  292. I can use my time to do some typing.
  293. Y says she wants to go out tomorrow to visit a showroom to get free samples of laminates.
  294. I have to remind her not to over-exert herself.
  295. I tell her she should return home for lunch before going for her second appointment.
  296. I’m reading a book for research now.
  297. This reading generates fewer thoughts for recording.
  298. Reading forces me to concentrate on the book.
  299. At this rate I won’t be thinking of 100,000 thoughts in one day.
  300. I wonder if A needs to travel out to water his plants at his house.
  301. He need not do it today. We’re all going there on Wednesday.
  302. Its scary that we need to hack away the old infrastructure to do repairs.
  303. Irreversible change will happen.
  304. We’ve waited so long for this day.
  305. I can’t believe its really going to happen.
  306. A and Y are talking about looking for a short cut to reach another supermarket.
  307. They’re enthusiastic about walking and exploring.
  308. Y is asking me to peel a grapefruit for her.
  309. I might as well cut A’s vegetable for his next meal.
  310. I can save time later to do other things.
  311. I can work on my writing and typing uninterrupted later.
  312. I must remember to request them to buy newspapers for me before they travel out to their appointment.
  313. Two days later, we’ll run out of greens for A’s meals.
  314. I can use tomatoes as a substitute for vegetables.
  315. I think of trying to improve my blogging again.
  316. Why doesn’t bloggers support one another?
  317. I read other blogs but they don’t return visits.
  318. Should I change my genre of non-fiction writing?
  319. Y is talking about tomorrow’s plans.
  320. Y wants one parent to accompany her for each outing.
  321. The other parent will accompany her out for her second outing.
  322. Will her proposal work with her dad?
  323. Maybe.
  324. I’m sleepy but I don’t want to sleep.
  325. I don’t want to waste time sleeping.
  326. Its very quiet now in this apartment building.
  327. It is weird that the doctor at this clinic said it doesn’t matter if you continue to eat Panadol after 5 days.
  328. A’s vegetable dish is still cooking in the pot.
  329. Can I make a toilet run before the water runs dry in the pot?
  330. I better not risk it.
  331. A hates burned food.
  332. Ok, A’s vegetable dish is cooked.
  333. Time to serve his food to him.
  334. I can now sit down and rest.
  335. I’m sleepy.
  336. I wish I could sleep 40 winks and wake up refreshed.
  337. A is always preventing me from napping in the living room.
  338. I wish he would leave me alone to close my eyes.
  339. Oh no. He’s staring at me now.
  340. I think I’ll do typing now.
  341. Batman is playing on TV!
  342. Its 8 pm and I’m tired recording my thoughts.
  343. I think its difficult to get 100,000 thoughts in one day’s worth of waking hours.
  344. I have around 347 thoughts.
  345. Its 10:47 pm now and I’m ready to call it a day.
  346. I’m off to brush my teeth and prepare for bed.
  347. Good night.

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