How to save your money from scammers

How to save your money from scammers? The sure way is to avoid talking to them. When you sniff out a scammer, drop them, and ignore all their not so piteous cries to permit them to cheat you blind.

The confidence trickster is an old term to describe a cheat. Our Mom and Pop used to tell us stories about them. Now, the trickster has adopted newer names to evolve with the present time.

The confidence trickster is also known by other monikers like conman, shaman, medicine man, scammer, cheater and etc. S/he plays tricks on targeted victims, but may not own the foresight to take steps to protect themselves. For instance, if the trickster has a blemish which society frowns upon, they can be caught and extorted for money or labor to harvest money from They, in turn, become victims when their targets turn the table on them, to exact revenge. They can become the butt of cruelty, or worse, abuse and torture in every form imaginable, at the hands of people more unscrupulous than them.


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