We make the dead become what they could not be for us while they were alive

What’s the meaning of dreaming that a dead person is alive in the dream? While dreaming, the dreamer believes what he sees in the dream so he believes the dead person is alive and the previous knowledge that he was dead, was false. This is in line with previous research that the dreamer tends to believe whatever is presented to him in his dream.

In the dream, the dream character exhibits independence of opinion. That is, the character says he is alive, which is his independent opinion, despite the dreamer thinking and believing that character is dead because the dreamer saw him dead during his waking reality. How does the dreamer overcome this difference in fact and dream imagery? The dreamer tells himself that he made a mistake and the character never died.

Another way that the dreamer overcomes the confusion between characters who are dead and alive, is to tell himself that the dead is deceased in the outer world, but still alive in the image world of memories.

Some people did not know how to relate to, or establish and maintain relationships with their near and distant relatives. Sometimes they can’t accept the other person and give up, rather than try to salvage a relationship. A parent who can’t accept failure in their offspring, may cut off ties. The outer conflict seems to be failure and disappointment in the offspring, while the inner conflict is difficulty, shame and humiliation at one’s failure to raise a successful offspring in spite of being unable to nurture the young to bloom.

How do survivors cope with unfinished business with the dead? We desire to communicate with them. We make the dead become what they could not be for us while they were alive. They usually had their own inner conflicts and turmoils. The survivors think that the dead carry their problems into their graves and beyond. As survivors work on their bereavement, they imagine the deceased progressing past their old backstops. The newer version of the deceased is called the dream version. For example, a grieving child dreams of their deceased father and mother, but they are different from their earthly forms. They are dubbed as the dream father and dream mother. The adult child may have taken on work to resume their parents’ old projects and furthered their former lifetime goals.

As the adult child moves forward in life’s journey, they change and their attitude towards their dream father and dream mother also changes. They imagine their dream parents have changed by working on their projects. This is how we make the dead become what they could not be for us while they were alive.

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