#100HappyDays Challenge Day 1

This is my reboot because my first attempt to experience and write 100HappyDays Challenge failed. I started on May 1 2019, and lasted only 12 days. I used a prompt book to help me live the journey of positivity but my responses on the writing tips were lelading me towards negativity instead.

In this second attempt, I’m using “Can You Be Happy For 100 Days In A Row?” by Dmitry Golubnichy. His book has prompts for Day 1 to 100. Hopefully, by following his tips, I can complete 100 days of the #100HappyDays Challenge.

Another method of writing this log would be to record the happy things that happened for each day. Someone I follow on Twitter does this approach and he completed 100 days!

#100HappyDays Challenge Day 1 August 31 2019:

“Get lost in a painting”

Yes, I appreciate art. I’m an amateur, self-taught artist. I wanted to do a new water color and post it here but I’m running short of time today so I’ll show you my journey in drawing and painting instead.

This is one of my first few drawings and watercolor painting done in May 2018.

meet dream man
How to meet the man of your dreams

This is one of my recent attempts. Its dated August 22 2019.

Salesman Freddy finally makes an appointment to come for measurement.

It matters to me that I like my journey in self taught drawing and painting. A professional artist may not approve of my style but I don’t mind. What matters is that I like my work. I’m happy when I’m spending time drawing and painting.

The second picture shows how glad we were when Freddy the salesman, finally agrees to come in for a site measurement. Our patience was wrecked waiting 10 days for an appointment. Is that length of waiting abnormal? I had lost hope that Freddy would “arrange” an appointment.

Prompts – abnormal #FOWC, wreck Daily Addictions, lost Word Of The Day Challenge.

Dreaming of Raven


Dreaming of a raven brings unease because this bird is associated with bad luck and sometimes, even death. One reason could be because of the features of the raven. It is pitch black. Its beak is large and sharp, which it uses to peck at others who get in their way. The poor raven is often associated with bad traits.

Sometimes, the raven is a dream symbol sent from your inner consciousness, which wants to tell you a message. The black color of the raven helps to convey its mystery and association with the mysterious unknown, like the future.

Dreaming of a raven often can mean you feel sad or depressed, because you prefer to see the color black so much that a raven (which is black), appears in your dream.

Generally, seeing a raven in a dream, means you have to pay attention to threats which may appear in your life. The raven is a clever bird and one should pay attention to the bird who wants to whisper secrets into your ear.

Sunday prompts from Sunday August 25 2019 aooga , The Unofficial Online Writers’ Guild. This week’s writing prompts are –

  1. Where the grass grows uphill
  2. A hole in the sky for the birds to fly through
  3. Written in fire

Art – white chalk drawn on black cloth, glued against background of acrylic paint.

Dreaming of hole in the sky for birds to fly through

If you dream of a hole in the sky for birds to fly through, this has a meaning. Where do the birds fly into when they disappear into the hole?

If this dream is examined in relation to real life, it hints that there maybe a secret hole/ place, where things or people disappear. It can mean theft where things disappear. Dreaming of a hole where a symbolic dream image like birds disappear into, can suggest there is an outlet (channel) that receives the disappearing bird (or other dream symbols).

If you dream of birds, you have to think on what this symbol means to you. For dream meanings are specific to the dreamer. If you have pet birds, or work with birds in a pet shop or bird park, then birds are everyday occurrence for you. In this circumstance, your dream merely continues the theme you see during your day. Birds are common to you so dreaming of birds does not hold special significance to you.

Bird flying, bird in mid-flight.

Sunday prompts from Sunday August 25 2019 aooga . This week’s writing prompts are –

  1. Where the grass grows uphill
  2. A hole in the sky for the birds to fly through
  3. Written in fire

Six meanings of dreaming of fire

Dreaming of fire can mean several things –

  1. A threat of physical fire and damage.
  2. Metaphorical fire which suggests potential harm
  3. A stage of transformation where the old is burned away.
  4. A threat about the environment which may be harmful.
  5. A threat about a character who can harm you.
  6. A metaphorical baptism of change that is so fiery it resembles fire. It can hurt but you’ll be changed.
Dream interpretation of fireman extinguishing fire.

Prompt from The Unofficial Online Writers’ Guild August 25 2019 Sundays.

This Sunday August 25 2019 prompts are:

  1. Where the grass grows uphill
  2. A hole in the sky for the birds to fly through
  3. Written in fire.

Choose 1 prompt, or use all 3 in a creative word/art piece. We can also work around the prompts to invent our own creative works. Unlimited number of entries permitted.

Friday Friendly Fill-Ins #3

Cats faces made from water color/ dyes ink blots.

1. My favorite Peanuts character is _________.(Linus)
2. I knew I was no longer a child when _________. (I started to understand and analyze people)
3. I was shocked when I learned that _________. (I had to stop education and start working at 18)
4. I always feel frustrated when I try to _________. (achieve a technical goal when I lack the technical skills to accomplish it)

Friday Friendly Fill-Ins copied from https://fourleggedfurballs.blogspot.com/2019/08/thoroughly-poetic-thankful-thimble_29.html

If you’ll like to join us, please visit the link and copy-paste the questions for your own blog.

Prompt by lovely hosts https://fourleggedfurballs.blogspot.com/ and https://15andmeowing.com/

Day dream of salesman

So our day dream of seeing the salesman came true. After 10 days of waiting for him to make an appointment, he finally showed up on the 11th day.

After so much fuss to get Freddy down to make this in-site measurement, he says we still need to visit his store to choose the materials and pay payment at the store. He doesn’t take a check. We have zero choice but to comply.

On hindsight, I guess in this manner of conduct, Freddy lacked faith in my ability to pay for my order. He had to catch risks of debt. He controlled the condition of purchase because he couldn’t burn his reputation and job.

This frame is part of a longer series in the comic about Buying Blinds.

Prompt – zero , choice, from R. Shipp; lack , manner, debt, control, burn, catch from TheDailySpur.wordpress.com,

Hookers and indecent neighbors

When I first moved into my present neighborhood, I was very happy. I had just left my old apartment in a rundown neighborhood. Little would I know what my new place brought me.

The staff working in the apartment building were old sea hands. They claimed they knew the residents like the back of their hands. They gossiped and speculated on where the neighbors went, who they dated, with who they had relationships with, and everything else under their nose.

I got to “know” some neighbors through the staff because they chatted unabashedly about the residents, even as they walked through the main gate, up to the apartment block. I can NOT understand their audacity.

According to the staff, there are bad people living in the building.

A few of my female neighbors have plenty of male visitors who are required to sign in the visitors’ log book for security purposes. The apartment units with a steady stream of male visitors are allegedly occupied by hookers. I have not seen these women before, but I have seen the men who queue in line to register their visits to the building. I suspect the staff are right on this hunch.

Then, there are women who don’t wear clothes. They don’t mind being indecently dressed. There are those who board buses dressed in shorts and sports bra. Then there are middle-aged women neighbors who dress like they are in their 20s and early adulthood. They wear tights and leotards, exposing their behinds, like it has not gone out of fashion. The staff are disinterested in these desperate women because they are poor.

There are some mothers who want to leave their kids with other women and teenagers. They want to work or go out without being burdened by childcare. My building manager lied to residents that “neighbors required telephone numbers to speak about toilet plumbing problems”. I discovered the phone numbers were being used to ask for childcare from residents.

There are more stories about staff trying to chat up female residents and even sending telepathic messages via questioning looks. I have drawn a series of sketches on this theme of staff desiring to dally with residents. I think GC and Sue have brought up a controversial and evergreen topic on neighbors (and staff on site who are our working site neighbors). Although my sketches are not fully colored nor ready to be posted, I’ll try to get them prepared ASAP.

I’ll have to stop here because its time for me to leave for a few hours.

Prompt – Weekly Prompts neighbors from https://weeklyprompts.com/2019/08/28/word-prompt-neighbors/

By Site owners – GC, themainaisle.com – SueW, nansfarm.net

Dreaming of tenacity

Dreaming of tenacity, as explained by analysis:

A dream may appear as a fantasy, where a character in it clings onto a desire with a tenacity only possible in created dreams. In real life, people let go when they rationalize that the odds are not in their favor. They have the common sense to look at the scale and make a wise decision.

She stubbornly refuses.

Comparative story in real world:

A woman working as a small facility manager, was having a relationship with a male junior staff at her workplace. She was exposed by others, when he tried to strike up a friendship with another woman who refuted his advances. Probably one hundred people at the vicinity knew those two were having rolls in the hay. The affair was irrefutable but none bothered to speak up because they were not personally disturbed by the love birds. The man grew bolder with his conquest and started stalking the other new woman, who talked about his audacity. The board of committee at the facility opted to send the male stalker away and ask for other replacements. The female facility manager refused to bow out of her job, but hung on with a fierce tenacity. The job was everything to her. She hoped that her public exposure would become water under the bridge in time. And in time, she hoped to bring back her boyfriend.

Prompt – tenacity #FOWC. Irrefutable #FOWC.

Dreaming of dust

Dust is an irritant from a source which may not be immediately seen. If you dream of dust, it can mean you are bothered by an irritant or inconvenience.

If you see dream imagery of yourself in the act of doing something and dust was bothering you, then you can infer that this situation happened in real life too. You may need to correlate this dream symbol of dust, to the actual thing in reality. What is the inconvenience or dust that is hindering your performance of tasks? You might need to take care of this dust before you can continue your activity properly.

Spring cleaning.

If you are facing an issue in real life that involves timing for a situation, then the metaphorical dust you saw in your dream, can be a message to “let the dust settle”, before you continue with your plans.

Prompt – dust from 3TC

Patient waits patiently

Its terrible being sick with kidney disease. I read a few articles about patients on the waiting list for kidney transplants. I hope more donor organs get transplanted into patients. The sketch shows a patient waiting patiently for his ray of hope to lead a healthy life.

Dreaming of a bald head can mean the person is sick and all his hair has fallen off.

Prompt – kidney from Paula’s 3TC.