Dreaming of Raven


Dreaming of a raven brings unease because this bird is associated with bad luck and sometimes, even death. One reason could be because of the features of the raven. It is pitch black. Its beak is large and sharp, which it uses to peck at others who get in their way. The poor raven is often associated with bad traits.

Sometimes, the raven is a dream symbol sent from your inner consciousness, which wants to tell you a message. The black color of the raven helps to convey its mystery and association with the mysterious unknown, like the future.

Dreaming of a raven often can mean you feel sad or depressed, because you prefer to see the color black so much that a raven (which is black), appears in your dream.

Generally, seeing a raven in a dream, means you have to pay attention to threats which may appear in your life. The raven is a clever bird and one should pay attention to the bird who wants to whisper secrets into your ear.

Dream imagery of a raven can also mean a message about adultery, deceit or stealing.

Sunday prompts from Sunday August 25 2019 aooga , The Unofficial Online Writers’ Guild. This week’s writing prompts are –

  1. Where the grass grows uphill
  2. A hole in the sky for the birds to fly through
  3. Written in fire

Art – white chalk drawn on black cloth, glued against background of acrylic paint.

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