Dreaming of hole in the sky for birds to fly through

If you dream of a hole in the sky for birds to fly through, this has a meaning. Where do the birds fly into when they disappear into the hole?

If this dream is examined in relation to real life, it hints that there maybe a secret hole/ place, where things or people disappear. It can mean theft where things disappear. Dreaming of a hole where a symbolic dream image like birds disappear into, can suggest there is an outlet (channel) that receives the disappearing bird (or other dream symbols).

If you dream of birds, you have to think on what this symbol means to you. For dream meanings are specific to the dreamer. If you have pet birds, or work with birds in a pet shop or bird park, then birds are everyday occurrence for you. In this circumstance, your dream merely continues the theme you see during your day. Birds are common to you so dreaming of birds does not hold special significance to you.

Bird flying, bird in mid-flight.

Sunday prompts from Sunday August 25 2019 aooga . This week’s writing prompts are –

  1. Where the grass grows uphill
  2. A hole in the sky for the birds to fly through
  3. Written in fire

Dream of swallow:

The dream interpretation of swallow means it is a bad omen. There could be a premature death of someone in the dreamer’s circle of relatives or acquaintances. The swallow is a dream icon of mourning, stress and sadness. Usually, the dream interpretation of seeing a swallow means these, which are related to the worst kind of news, and that is death.

However, there is a different dream interpretation when the dreamer sees several swallows. The dream imagery of many swallows does not mean bad news. On the contrary, it means good news. The dreamer will be lucky in work, business and marriage.


  1. Do the birds come this way through the hole? Do the use the hole as an exit from here? Can they go both ways?
    In my story the hole was a passageway from there to here, but I hadn’t even thought of it the other way… I may have to revisit this?
    Thanks, love the artwork.

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