Dreaming of your ipad

If you were dreaming of your ipad, it can mean you have been spending too much time on your device. For dreams are often a continuation of the themes you experience in your day.

If you have important information stored in your ipad, or your ipad is of significant importance to you, you may dream of it.

If you have a special association or memory linked to your ipad, you might dream of it.

Its common to see a young kid in a buggy watching something on a ipad. Love it or hate it, the electronic product has replaced the simple toy.

Its pretty common by now. Zadie Smith’s book Intimations, chronicles this sight and how two other mothers mock the use of the ipad as a toy.

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Dream of baking banana bread

The aroma of freshly baked banana bread might stimulate dreams. To dream of baking banana bread means you love this variety of bread, you have good memories associated with banana bread, you desire to bake banana bread, or you have other outstanding associations with banana bread.

Almost all of us have undergone some kind of lockdown or other for Covid-19 isolation measures. With more time on our hands, we have turned towards useful pursuits like reading and baking bread. Specifically, banana bread.

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Dream a celebrity asked to cut your hair

To dream a celebrity asked to cut your hair is an odd dream if you do not know that celebrity, or do not mingle in celebrity circles.

This celebrity may be insecure. They asked to cut your hair because they desire to be in control. Some people who can’t control their own life, would try to control someone else’s life.

Dream of going to jail

If you dream of going to jail, it may not be what it seems. It might mean you are going to be away from society. You might be going into self isolation, quarantine, lockdown or getting busy with work.

Sometimes, the dream can mean you are away in a “jail” because you’re doing your work. You have no time to come out to mix and mingle.

Other dream interpretations involve your conscience. If you have a conscience about doing something bad, your anxiety may trigger dreams of retribution.

Dream of dog with bars in its eyes

If you dream of a dog with bars in its eyes, you can’t stare into its eyes to see its soul. This dream can mean this dog is owned. If you see an owner near this dog, then this interpretation matches.

Some dreamers may see animals being led on leashes, which are held on by owners who they recognize. For instance, a woman may dream of her ex-boyfriend holding onto a leashed dog/ cat. This dream image is powerful. The leashed animal may be a dream symbol representing the former partner, who was controlled tightly. In this case, that partner was you. This dream imagery may also be predictive of the kind of events that could happen in the future. The ex maybe holding onto another relationship that is unequal and has elements of bondage.

Bad dreams before taking your pet to the vet

If you had bad dreams before taking your pet to the vet, it probably means you were anxious. If you have knowledge that your pet is seriously ill,, then you would be worried. Your anxiety is likely to trigger negative thoughts, which in turn activates your brain to invent dream imagery that fits the theme of your thoughts.

Dream you had a haircut

If you dreamed you had a haircut, it can mean you underwent a transformation. A haircut changes your appearance so this dream symbol might mean you had a change. The change may be physical/ mental/ spiritual/ emotional or even metaphorical. The change refers to something you experienced in your life in your present circumstances.

Dream the dog that bites the hand which feeds it

If you dream of a dog that you own, know, or was friendly to, and it suddenly bites you, the meaning can be found in the idiom below.

The dog that bites the hand which feeds it is a modification of an idiom to describe an ungrateful person who does an act of perjury to their benefactor. For example, we may feed domestic pets but the animal may turn against us and bite us. Sometimes, the aggression is caused by illness, irritation, violation of its boundaries, rabies or some other reason. Humans who turn against their helpers are described as ungrateful and biting the hand that fed them.

Dream earth was invaded by aliens

If you dream earth was invaded by aliens, it might mean you feel isolated from the rest of society. You think people are strange because they are different from you. Maybe they don’t agree with your opinions.

If you are living among people who are from diverse backgrounds and you experience problems integrating, your anxieties and stress may trigger this type of dream.

Dream the dead person was searching for something

Why do you dream the dead person was searching for something? People are often told its because they had unfinished business on earth when they were taken away. So they returned to search for that something which was their incomplete task.

Another way of explaining this is that the dreamer knew about the deceased having unfinished business before they died. So maybe the conscience of the dreamer was getting to them and the brain invented this dream. Maybe the dreamer’s conscience is gnawing at them, trying to suggest they should take over the task of completing that unfinished business. This may give peace of mind to the dreamer.