Dreaming of using toilet in dark

One night, a woman dreamed she was in an office building, with her spouse. Then, she felt she had to use the toilet. She walked along a long corridor which was dark. A man was also walking along this corridor, because he too, wanted to reach the bathroom. At the end of the dark corridor, the woman and man reached the separate toilets, independently. The man went inside the male toilet. The woman went inside the ladies toilet. The woman dreamer said it was dark inside the ladies loo. She went inside a cubicle. It was so dark that she could not see the toilet bowl. In trying to peer around in the dark, her face came up next to the toilet bowl. That was unpleasant to her. She managed to use the toilet bowl and then slowly walked out of the ladies toilet. She walked back to where her spouse was sitting waiting for her.

Dream interpretation of using toilet in dark:

The woman experienced a tough time going through life alone when her spouse left her to handle their small family and household. This period was akin to navigating in the dark. The male stranger who was also walking along the corridor represented the outsider/ stranger who are also walking along the journey of life. But the woman did not speak to him nor ask for directions. In a way, this represents the individual who has to handle life and manage their way alone.

This dream was likely to be a simulation of the woman’s marital life, during the period when she had to manage her household alone.

Common dream theme is being unable to find useable toilet.

Dreaming of searching for old newspaper

Sometimes, an older piece of news is wanted to reinforce a fact. One night, a woman dreamed of being at home. She and her family were sitting down to chill by reading newspapers. Then someone said they wanted to look up an old article. Then the family started to hunt high and low for THAT old newspaper issue. The treasure hunt was exhausting and the youngest member of family was very tired after expending all that energy. This person went to sleep. Then the dreamer woke up. It was as if the dream’s sleeper was the signal for the real sleeper to wake up.

Dream interpretation of searching for old newspaper:

There is old information that is important and required. The dreamer’s brain wants to retrieve the information but requires help to find it.

Dreaming of all members of the family reading newspapers.

Dreaming of driving through woods to house surrounded by forest

One night, a young woman dreamed she was driving through woods to reach a house. This house was surrounded by a forest of trees.

Dream interpretation of house in the woods:

Knowing the background of this young woman helped in understanding the meaning of her dream. She desired to live in a big house because she had never had a big house of her own. Her parents could only afford a small apartment. For the majority of her life, she has lived in small apartments. She had a wish to live in a big house, with ample land surrounding it.

Dream of a house in the woods.

Dreaming going to airport but end up in a shop selling religious medals

One night, a woman dreamed she was going to the airport. She was supposed to send someone off on an airplane. However, during her journey to the airport, she got distracted by a store front. The shop was selling religious medals. The woman saw herself getting distracted by the beautiful medals. She entered the store and started browsing the show cases of silver medals on display.

There are a few parts to this dream and each should be analyzed.

Dream interpretation of sending off someone at the airport:

The woman’s conscious mind might be aware that she has to say goodbye to someone in her circle of acquaintances or relatives. This knowledge triggers this dream.

Dream interpretation of religious medals:

This dream symbol is a reminder to include God, religious icons, prayer and spirituality in your life. The woman dreamer is probably a prayerful woman. She has likely shopped for religious artifacts before and this dream replays fragments of her memories.

Combined dream interpretation of these two dream elements:

The woman dreamer is being told that although she has to say goodbye to someone, she should meditate and reflect on God, fate and the workings of the Universe. If she needs moral and spiritual support, she can turn to religion.

She browsed a display of religious medals, inside a store.

Dream of leaving after wedding party

One night, a man dreamed he was leaving after a wedding party. He reached his temporary accommodations, which was rented for him to stay in order to attend that wedding party. After it was over, he had to leave the venue. This man saw himself in his dream. He was in his rented house, where he saw his suitcase was still unpacked. His clothes were is disarray, all over the house. His male friend was also there. His friend had prepared his own suitcase, by packing his personal belongings into his luggage. Now this dreamer had a tough time retrieving his belongings from all over the house.

Dream interpretation:

The dreamer’s brain invented this dream to warn him to prepare for his responsibilities. There was even an example, by way of his friend, who was shown having his luggage all packed and ready to leave.

Meaning of dream of wedding.

If you see dream imagery of yourself wearing a wedding dress, it can mean you will e getting married soon. This is the meaning for unmarried women. If you are already married and dream of yourself wearing a wedding dress, it can mean –

1. You dreamed of your past wedding.

2. You might see your divorce and another wedding.

Dream of near blind girl & brown monster bear

One night, a woman dreamed she saw a girl who had a sight disability. This girl could not see with her eyes because her eyesight was bad. She was not legally blind, but near blind. It was just that her eyes could not see well. Maybe she required spectacles. This girl wanted to become a dangerous monster. And suddenly, a brown monster appeared. It looked like a big bear. Then the woman woke up.

Dream interpretation:

The girl who was nearly blind had bad eyesight figuratively and literally. This dream imagery suggests she does not have good moral compass. The girl’s desire to become a monster shows her anti-social behavior. She not only was unfriendly to people around, but also wanted to frighten them.

In real life, you might be knowing someone who is antagonistic. This person can be a male or female. You need to be careful with this person, who has no sense of justice. You might be betrayed or harmed when they suddenly turn into a monster.

Meaning of seeing Yeti (or monster) in dream.

Dream of our back stories

When we dream of our back stories, it is because of our memories being replayed. We are all made of stories. Even new memories learned from a couple of hours before bedtime, can be replayed in a dream on that very night itself.

We are all made of stories. Our stories written in the day become our stories in dreams at night.

Writing Prompt from Ireland.

Dream of being given amethyst

If you dream of being given one amethyst, or more than one amethyst, it means good luck is coming your way. The dream of receiving amethyst means other good qualities are also coming.

If you dream the opposite, about losing an amethyst, then the opposite might happen. Bad luck in events and contrived situations might plague you. This type of dream is a warning of threat and you should pay more attention to your waking life.

If you are in a dilemma in your present life, then dreaming of an amethyst is a sign that you should make the right decision for yourself. Your long term life will be affected and you have to choose correctly.

Photo prompt amethyst.

Dream of living in house like upside down mushroom

One night, a woman dreamed she was living in a house like an upside down mushroom. The front lawn was a neat garden. The backyard had a swimming pool and garden. Farther behind the house was farmland.

Dream interpretation of seeing an unusual house:

The woman said she desires to live in a decent sized home. She said she would like to build her own custom made house, if she had the money to blow. This information fits with her dream imagery of having a special house like an upside down mushroom. When a person has such thoughts, they would be dreaming what their brain thinks about.