Dreaming going to airport but end up in a shop selling religious medals

One night, a woman dreamed she was going to the airport. She was supposed to send someone off on an airplane. However, during her journey to the airport, she got distracted by a store front. The shop was selling religious medals. The woman saw herself getting distracted by the beautiful medals. She entered the store and started browsing the show cases of silver medals on display.

There are a few parts to this dream and each should be analyzed.

Dream interpretation of sending off someone at the airport:

The woman’s conscious mind might be aware that she has to say goodbye to someone in her circle of acquaintances or relatives. This knowledge triggers this dream.

Dream interpretation of religious medals:

This dream symbol is a reminder to include God, religious icons, prayer and spirituality in your life. The woman dreamer is probably a prayerful woman. She has likely shopped for religious artifacts before and this dream replays fragments of her memories.

Combined dream interpretation of these two dream elements:

The woman dreamer is being told that although she has to say goodbye to someone, she should meditate and reflect on God, fate and the workings of the Universe. If she needs moral and spiritual support, she can turn to religion.

She browsed a display of religious medals, inside a store.

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