Art on dogs

Are people interested to look at dogs in art forms? This post is a survey to test the response of readers.

Pug dog drawn with ball point pen.
Rottweiler puppies dog doodles.

Chihuahua Dog Doodle #37 #38

The first attempt looked so different and gangsta. My critic laughed at it because its legs were spread too far apart and it looked like it was going to fight. It is standing and its hind legs aren’t visible from the anterior view.

Chihuahua, two Chihuahua dog doodles.

These are basic sketches. I may edit them later.

Corgi Text Dog Doodle #36

This is a Corgi text dog doodle because its made of text cut from a newspaper. The dog is a Corgi. The background was gouache paint. Never say you can’t pint with this method. You use the text as a filled in color/ text for your main subject. When you need patches and bits of body parts, cut out the respective colors from scraps of colored paper.

Corgi dog made of text, beige brown paper on blue gouache background.
Corgi drawn and painted on newspaper.

Dog Doodle #35

Dog Doodle using vertical line hatching. Medium is color pencils.

Dog Doodle #35 using vertical line hatching.